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Submission + - Cedega user's WoW accounts reinstated

Turmoyl writes: "Linux users of TransGaming's Cedega that were wrongly banned from the World of Warcraft after Blizzard's anti-cheating spyware program, Warden, generated false hits have had their accounts reinstated.

From the email that Cedega users received:

"Once this pattern was brought to Blizzard's attention, our staff worked directly in conjunction with the Cedega development team in a rigorous and thorough review of the situation. We have since determined that your account was one of those accidentally flagged, and as such we are immediately reinstating your account to fully playable status.

Blizzard Entertainment deeply regrets the error, as we understand that this brief account closure presented you with an inconvenient and highly frustrating experience. We remain firmly committed to enforcing our regulations and suspensions for those exploiting our game, in the interest of ensuring that our legitimate customers have the best possible play experience. In this case, however, we regretfully caught a handful of innocent customers in the process, and for that we offer you our genuine apology."

The unbanned user's accounts were also credited with some free play time as compensation for the event."

Submission + - Many Linux users banned from World of Warcraft

Turmoyl writes: "Many Cedega (formerly WINEX) users were mistakenly caught up in a security sweep of the U.S. game servers performed by Blizzard's World of Warcraft Game Master (GM) staff.

Affected users received the same strongly-worded "Notice of Account Closure" email messages that true bot users did, in which they were accused of the "Use of Third Party Automation Software".

While diagnosis of this event continues early speculation points to Blizzard's use of the Warden anti-cheating spyware application that is bundled with World of Warcraft, and the odd things that may have been produced by it when it was run via Cedega.

Emails to World of Warcraft's Account Administration staff continue to go unanswered while the list of affected people continues to grow."

Submission + - Cedega users permanently banned from WoW

Turmoyl writes: Many Cedega users were banned from the World of Warcraft(tm) game today. They received "Notice of Account Closure" emails from WoW's Account Administration team, citing Use of "Third Party Automation Software". The Linux users were apparently caught up in a game-wide anti-bot sweep. Early speculation is that Blizzard's use of the "Warden" anti-cheat application may have spawned some odd results when run via Cedega. Emails to the Account Administration team have gone unanswered so far. http://transgaming.org/forum/viewtopic.php?p=41042 #41042

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