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Comment Re:Nokia just want its property back (Score 2, Informative) 122

Color me skeptical; what are the chances this is not another overpriced "flagship" POS from Nokia?

I think Nokia's hype machinery has failed at least partially if you are tellimg me you haven't seen any specs, hands on's or rumors about N8. As moderately satisfied Symbian user I have good feeling about it. But I'm looking forward for the camera maybe more than the next person probably.


Comment Re:Worthless patents (Score 1) 374

It has been stated by both sides that Nokia asked from Apple three times the value they'd asked from other licensees, and a patent sharing agreement that the other licensees hadn't been made to enter.

Sorry, I haven't seen that. I thought the contracts between manufacturers were secret.

Comment Re:Slashdot anti-Apple bias (Score 1) 374

If Nokia offered to license its patents under non-discriminatory terms according to the ITC, then there would be no issue.

Well you don't know what the terms were or were not.

Nokia is desperate because of the market share they're losing in the cell phone business, at least in North America (I know they're still strong in Europe).

Maybe it's just my lack of english, but doesn't desperate mean something like "only thing left to do" or something like that.

In USA Nokia has been a non player for years mainly because of non existing operator "support". People in USA just don't want to buy phones without contracts. And Nokia doesn't want operators crippling their phones. But I see very little in this case that would help sell more Nokia phones in USA, so the market share loosing in US has nothing to do with this patent case..

Nokias market share is still around 38-40% of all phones sold worldwide. It sells more phones in one quarter than Apple has sold ever.

Comment Re:Sue first, ask questions later (Score 1) 374

If Dell started selling a GSM adaptor for their laptops and bought those adaptors already made so all that had to be done was to solder it into the motherboards, Nokia wants the to charge Dell for selling those adaptors too.

It depends how the manufacturer licensed the tech from Nokia. (or from anyone else) Basically there's no way to cut corners, you pay from the technology either yourself directly to the patent owner or you pay the same to the manufacturer who then pays to the patent owner.

Nokia or other patent owners are probably less willing to make such deals with manufacturers as it's better to have more control on pricing than give the control to the manufacturer/subcontractor.

Comment Re:Worthless patents (Score 1) 374

Nope, it's not anti-competitive. What it is though, is in violation of RAND terms, which nokia signed up to when they let their patents become part of the GSM standard.

Well you don't know that, because you don't know how others have licensed those patents. Or what Apple was willing to pay. If you do please tell me.

I think Apple was willing to pay something and that something wasn't enough, or was in other ways conflicting what others pay for the same thing.

Comment Re:how much is it? (Score 1) 484

There are more to phones that just specs and screenshots. Or do we buy cars based solely on which car has more HP?

My Nokia E71 has good specs as well. expandable memory, WiFi, web-browser etc... But it's still crap when compared to my 1st gen iPod touch. Just because device has certain features does not mean that those features are actually usable.

Of course it remains to be seen how good those features are on the device, but we can't just stare at specs on a screen and say "it's better than this other device".

I would say your E71 makes better phone calls. Also it's good to compare apples and oranges.

Comment Re:WebOs might change that... (Score 1) 300

Would that be the same Javascript that (by design) does not permit any local I/O? How is it you imagine them creating and writing database records and opening/closing filehandles on a filesystem, when the scripting language itself, forbids it?

They allow programmers to use web OS specific API that allows filewrites for example.

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