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Comment mIRC (Score 1) 629

It may seem like a joke, but I actually learned the basic logic from scripting in mIRC IRC client. I think it's python or TCL based scripting language.
I moved to C afterwards, then C++ and so on, staying in C syntax languages.

I use it as an example when people ask me how I learned to code. My answer is always to "find something you use a lot and learn to modify it or figure out an small application you could use and learn to make it"

Comment Re:Private Offices (Score 4, Insightful) 360

"bouncing ideas"

This infuriates me more than it probably should.
I have a co-worker who constantly feels the need to bounce ideas off me while I am usually busy and very focused on something.

We've recently started a slackboard for just this exact issue. Post your shit there instead of interrupting everyone because you need to think out loud.

Comment Personal vs Commercial use (Score 2) 227

Can a company that sold you something use its patent on that product to control how you choose to use after you buy it?

Isn't the key difference here that they did it for commercial use and profits?

If I refill my toner myself, then no, they can't tell me how to use my product after purchase.
If I refill empty toners and sell them, then it's entirely different.

Comment Geoblocking (Score 1) 244

"despite Netflix"?

We get less than 40% of the catalogue in my country (Denmark).
And this goes for other services as well.

I don't want to wait up to 3 years before "My Show, Season X" finally airs in my location.
Netflix Denmark STILL doesn't have the last season of several shows they offer.

So I can either wait up to 3 years before I can watch shows or pirate it.

Comment Sprites (Score 1) 325

Why does my browser open up 6 TCP connections to try to download six images at once

The website could easily be serving those 6 images as 1 image and use CSS to display them individually.
So it's not only a browser issue.

Actually, it's a protocol issue.
I believe this sort of thing is being changed for HTTP/2, with multiplexing.

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