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Comment Anti-aliasing (Score 1) 71

Does this mean we can finally get decent AA filtering on PS4?
I don't care about 4K, I'd be fine with 1080p if the PS4 could do decent AA.

The jagged edges are horrible on PS4. What good is it that it looks pretty if everything has jagged edges? Immediately throws me off.

If the current library is improved with new hardware, I might buy one.
But I suspect it won't make a difference with AA on current titles without a game update.

Comment Re:Viral (Score 1) 134

They don't want people to see the game is actually an empty shell, full of broken promises.
Can't have people cancelling their pre-orders.

Developer previously stated numerous times that it would take "hundreds of hours" to reach the "center of the galaxy (he misspoke and said Universe earlier...)".
This guy did it in less than 40.

Oh and he didn't die a single time during those 40 hours. So much for "surviving a harsh universe".
That's just the tip of the iceberg.

But then again, what we are seeing is a Gold edition, they've already submitted 20-something patches on Steam that this guy obviously don't have. He could be missing a lot of stuff that's not activated yet. At least, that's what people on the subreddit is hoping and telling themselves.

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