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Comment iPhone feels outdated (Score 1) 587

At least that's what I feel. I've been a long time iPhone user. Got my first iPhone two months after they came on sale, and been using them ever since... ...until late last year.

I've had several Androids "on the side", but none of them felt comfortable to use. Last one was a SonyEricsson from last summer with latest and gratest OS version. It was nice, but still no cigar. It still suffered from the same fragmentation of the UI that all the Androids before it, although to a lesser extent. But still, awkward to use compared to the iPhone.

But before Xmas it was time to upgrade my phone once more and I was thinking about iPhone 5, but decided to give Windows Phone a shot. I got the (now old) Nokia Lumia 800 which only had WP 7.5, as it was cheap and wanted to see where Microsoft had gotten with WP. - I was amazed! - For the first time since buying the very first iPhone, I felt like there was something new to a smartphone. It had gotten smarter and easier to use.

I know the shortcomings of the Lumia 800. No multitasking for one. But I never really used it on iPhones either. It can play music while doing other stuff and receive calls/messages whatever I'm doing, and that's really all I want from a phone's multitasking. Also the Nokia's navigation was really something. All the world for free! And it's as good as any standalone or phone navigation I've used (TomTom, Magellan, Navigo). I also love the AMOLED display! Black is black and white is white and typography makes it easy to read. And you can easily read it in direct sunlight. - But most important of all, the UI is always logical and things are where I expect them to be. Also it feels actually faster to use than the old iPhone 4S.

What can I say. My iPhone feels outdated, and that was done by a phone that has been sitting on the shelves for over 6 months! Ok, the iPhone 5 is newer with some cool gadgets, like the camera. But it's still exactly the same UI as iPhone 4S. And the UI is just outdated. - Or feels like it to me! Also I have to say I haven't owned any newer Samsungs, but some fiddling with them really didn't make them stand out from the rest (of the Androids).

After all that, I'm still sticking to my MacBook for laptop and the iPad 2 is going to be serving the tablet needs for some time to come. But when I do upgrade my tablet, I will give Windows tablets a go. Maybe I'll switch, maybe I'll stay with iPad, don't know before I'll try. - As for laptop (tablet won't do everything I need), I see no reason to go Windows. - And when I upgrade my phone again this year, I'm thinking I'll wait until Nokia gets their second generation WP8 phones out, unless Apple will finally do a full makeover to iOS and not only catch up, but take the lead once more. I don't know what it would be, but it'll have to be something damn awesome!

Comment Reply? (Score 1) 507

Newbie: "Your code sucks and you don't know how to code!"
You: "...and your mother smells of elderberries!"

But he's probably to young to get that, so don't use it. Seriously, just as with human relations in general there's no one answer without being there. While something like this is not uncommon, it's still annoying. I just hope your manager is experienced enough to see through him. If not, I hope you got backup from your older colleagues to make him understand what's going on.

Worst thing being naturally is that he is allowed to rip apart working old code. Instead he should be assigned to writing new functionality and be restricted to touch old code unless absolutely necessary. And that's the job of his supervisor, not his colleagues.

Comment Woz may be onto something here... (Score 1) 333

I admit. I have been (and probably still am) biased. But I guess that just proves the point...

I have been avoiding purchase of Microsoft products for years. - You cannot really avoid them altogether, but you don't need to buy stuff you don't like either. But three weeks ago I did buy one. A Windows Phone!

I've been using happily iOS since first iPhone, although not upgrading it like Apple would like me I guess. I only had my second iPhone (since buying the very first right after it came out) and that was about to fall to pieces. So, I decided to buy a new phone. I've used Android ICS (didn't like the mess, pun intended). I was kinda torn between the iPhone 4S or 5, but neither really felt like a new phone after 3GS. Just an reiteration that would make do, nothing to be excited about. But after fooling around with a couple WPs, I was hooked! And behold, I of all people bought a Microsoft phone! My only worry was will it sync with my iPad, which it apparently does...

After three weeks, I feel like this is the first real improvement to smart phones since the first iPhone! Microsoft has actually innovated something! They beat Apple in their own game, making a UI that's actually easier and more intuitive to use than anything else on the market. Now, that's something I didn't expect ever to hear coming out of my mouth (or ever typing for that matter).

Comment Re:Royaltys (Score 1) 417

> I think the answer lies in the DisplayPort connector -- why do some computers have DisplayPort and not HDMI?

Personally I'm very happy that my laptop has a "mini display port" instead of HDMI, VGA and DVI ports. Also I like the fact that the computer has standard "general" USB-connectors that can connect printers, hard drives, cameras and the lot, instead of separate ports for all of them. I do realize that this requires me to have a separate dongle for each use, but I still prefer taking a connector with me when I need one over to having 20 specific connectors on my laptop. If for nothing else there just isn't space on this laptop to have all of them and I would have to choose. Currently I use all three types of video connectors on occasion.

> BluRay has to use HDCP for HD video, which pretty much mandates HDMI

That is one reason I hate the whole HDMI (at least when HDCP comes into play). I made the mistake of buying a Sony stereo set. I already owned a projector and a couple of video sources. All was great until I wanted to connect the cable box through the stereo (as a video switch) to the projector. The stupid sony stereo only gave me a blue screen with text saying the video had been blocked for "my own protection", as the source (cable box with DVI out) did not give copyright protection signal!!! - WHAT!!! I pay for that box and I own the projector and am watching legal content! Needles to say connecting the box to projector directly worked fine.

Turns out that sony in their infinite wisdom know better.

Also turns out that I returned that sony unit and bought competing brand that didn't apparently have the copyright issue...

Comment Re:Data plan cost the same (Score 1) 334

When I was living in US, I was happily using T-Mobile (2G) with my (and wife's) iPhone 3G. It wasn't slow at all for maps (most common use), emails, or the occasional safari. I bought our iPhones couple years ago in Belgium where law states that operator has to unlock all phones for free if requested so by the customer. But then again, they got this thing called freedom in their country...

Anyhow. I first signed up with AT&T prepaid, but it turned out that after a week or two the data stopped working. They blocked iPhone data on prepaid!!! And because I'd never lived in US before, I didn't have local credit history. And even when I had statements from three major credit card companies of having been a long time customer with no issues at all and statement from my employer about my employment in US, AT&T still wanted a $1000 deposit to any other contract!!! Screw them!

So, I asked T-Mobile for a connection and all they required was that I pay each month in advance for a family plan. Guess who I signed up with...

Only catch was that iPhone on T-Mobile is limited to 2G speeds. Well, that turned out to be no issue at all as the connection was reliable and more coverage than AT&T 3G anyway. Also the price was way lower as the sales clerk actually gave us cheaper data plans, as he knew that we could only use 2G anyway. And as an added bonus my iPhone's battery life went up a notch as I could turn off the 3G altogether!

So, yes. Living with T-Mobile 2G can be a blessing, compared to AT&T 3G...

Comment Re:yay! (Score 1) 159

And if a maglev would ever be built in US, yo can bet your ass you'd get your ass groped in the name of security, and by the time the price of a ticket would be reasonable you'd also pay extra for bags...

Comment Good news! (Score 1) 748

No, this is great news!

Now that GSM operators in US are finally under one roof, it can only mean improved service and lower prices due to leaner structure. No more time and money wasted competing with other operators, but now AT&T can finally concentrate on selfless giving to it's customers. Monopoly is always in the best interests of The Citizen.

All hail The Corporation, The Corporation is good for you!

Comment Communist US (Score 1) 468

- What's the difference between US and China?
- In US the communist party is called MPAA.

Bad joke? - Not really when you think about it. In China the party threatened to "close out" Google, if it would not censor "dangerous" (ie. damaging to the party) content. In US the MPAA is threatening to "close out" Google, if it would not censor "dangerous" (ie. damaging to the MPAA) content...

Comment Great news! (Score 1) 1066

This is absolutely great news, if this will finally enable me to buy a dongle that will remove the "protection" from HDMI signal! Here's a real life scenario that happened to me last spring:

I bought a Sony (yes, should have known better) surround sound system to my home. I already had a HD-cable box and a HD-projector. They worked great together! Only my sound was from old stereo (no surround) system. So, I wanted to have a sound system that would not only play the sound from my cable box, but computer and DVD player. I also wanted the picture to be selected with the sound, as now I had to use two remotes (projector & stereo) when changing source.

So, I got to connect my stuff. HDMI from cable box to the new stereo. HDMI from computer to stereo. Component from DVD player/game console to stereo. And single HDMI from stereo to projector. All this supported (according to the manual) by the Sony sound system (the "stereo").

Computer worked, as well as component from DVD/console. 1st downside was though that the Sony couldn't handle optical sound when video was coming through HDMI. Only stereo or HDMI. BUMMER!

But what really blew me off, was when I tried to watch TV. Instead I only got a blue screen with warning that "for my protection" the video was not working because of copyright violation!!!

I mean, am I violating a copyright by watching a show on cable? - Of course not. The stupid Sony was just incompatible with the cable box's HDMI signal! - Call to Sony just confirmed that they don't give a shit about their customers. The best solution they offered me was to use component video for from my cable box instead of HDMI. Why on earth would I convert a digital broadcast to analog just to transfer it to a digital projector? Just because Sony decided to "protect" me from copyright violations!

Well, I decided to protect myself from Sony. - Took the system back to their store and went to competitor to buy a system that worked...

So, yes. This is indeed good news if it will finally brake the "protection" from HDMI signal!

Comment Bugs Bunny (Score 1) 479

Personally I own a iPhone 3G and have been happy with it. I was considering to upgrade to 4G a bit later.

Now, I'm waiting much later, until Apple actually fixes the issue. I haven't used a case for my iPhone and it's held together well for the 20 months. Likely will continue to do so for months to come, like any phone should without additional cases and overtly careful handling. No, I don't use the phone as a hammer, but I don't caress it to sleep either. And because I don't want a case for a phone (to make it bulkier), I'm not buying the 4G until it can be used without.

Second reason why I won't be buying a 4G any time soon is that I made the mistake of installing iOS4 to my 3G. BAD mistake. The iOS4 is unstable and veerryyy slllooooww on the 3G. I don't know about the 4G, if it is as unstable but I wouldn't risk it. Luckily I found out how to downgrade my 3G back to 3.1.3 with help of:

I still lost the backup and it took hours to get the phone back up to speed again...

Comment Re:Only Apple (Score 1) 624

I find it extremely hilarious to even compare these two devices.

Owners of either one feacly defend they're product and highlight the points they want. This is just like the two 4-year olds in the park fighting whos father is a tougher man... The two devices are so far apart that comparing them is equally intelligent. But I guess that is what /. has become...

So, lets brake it down, so even the 4-year olds may understand.

Kindle (or it's competetors) are ebook readers. They are designed to do just that. Even if some of them may have features that try to mimic a tablet computer, they are still ebook readers. And excellent at that! They have extremely good battery life that is essential for an ebook reader. You do not want to be dependable on chargers when reading a book. The e-ink display is as close to paper as possible (for the price) at the moment. It is much more confortable for the eye to read for extended periods, than any CRT/LCD/LED-display. This is because it reflects light instead of emitting it. Our eyes were "designed" to work best on reflected light, not ligh emitting objects. Slow refresh has no relevance when reading a book. Very few people are able to read over a page in a second. =) These ebook readers may also play MP3s for you when reading, which is a nice addition. But they are not designed to be good email clients, web browsers or game consoles.

The iPad is a tablet. Only thing in common it has with an ebook reader is its size and form factor. But just as apples and oranges share the size and form, they still are apples and oranges. The iPad is designed for exactly the things an ebook reader is not. Email, web browsing and gaming, while the only fuctional thing it shares with an ebook reader is a MP3 player. And for these functions, people are willing to pay more, thus it costs more. Yes, you can buy and read ibooks on the iPad, but it is not its primary function. The light emitting screen is not as confortable to read books for extended periods of time. The battery life, while excellent for a tablet, still is too dependable on external power sources to compete with a book, or even an ebook reader.

They both are excellent devices, but just not comparable. But hey, if you've bought one or the other and are happy with it, great! Just don't think it is the ultimate culmitnation of technological achievement and the end of the road.

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