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Comment Re:Maybe it's just me (Score 1) 563

Try turning off Aero.

It doesn't look as nice, but you will notice a snappier interface. This happens to me accidentally when using remote desktop software that disables it.

Turn Aero back on, and you will notice the lag. So being able to make everything look pretty and have a very snappy interface is always a plus.

Comment Re:Am I the only one in the world that likes Ribbo (Score 1) 642

Totally agree. It's very helpful to see all the options on each tab right away. If they are in the menu, they are hidden under submenus etc, and it's just text. In the ribbon, what you want to do is also somewhat graphically displayed. For example, I want to turn numbers into percent, I click the "%" sign. I don't go into Tools->Format->Percent etc.

So no, you are not alone in liking the Ribbon. I bet that most people still making fun of the ribbon after all these years (it's been what, 5 years?) haven't actually tried to use it.

Comment Re:Missing Option: Not Enough (Score 1) 394

Shrug, you call it dangerous debt, I call it having craploads of T-Notes out there with extremely low interest rates and it's basically free money. It has to be paid back? Kinda, except that people keep buying treasury notes which we can use to pay those.. Call it a ponzi scheme if you want, not really accurate but maybe close.

What's going on is better than trying to not spend money and have the country contract further. We are taking on debt, but in that regard we are still trying to expand the country and not get into a Japan situation.

I find most people who spout off about the debt/deficit really don't understand how it works on such a country/global scale. It's not as simple as "debt is bad". Infact, it can be quite the opposite. If you are able to make more money/growth from borrowing money, then you are better off. With interest rates at virtually 0 the past 4 years, this is the case we are in. Better to be overspending to make sure we get out of the situation we are in then penny pinch ourselves into more contraction.

Comment Re:Lots of misinformation (Score 3, Insightful) 267

The problem with the oil industry is that they "assume" nothing will go wrong

Oh come now. You are saying they assume nothing will go wrong? If for absolutely no other reason, they would want to make every assurance that nothing does go wrong or their product is lost and massive investments go to waste.

Do you think they invest hundreds of millions on a new rig and just say "well I think this is going to work, but if something happens it's ok, we don't mind bankrupting ourselves".

Your stereotypical lalalacoprationsarecompletelyevillalalal is lacking a little substance here.

Comment Re:TV sucks now (Score 1) 380

TV sucks now? I don't know, there are still quite a few good shows. I only need a few to keep track of, this is my list:
Modern Family
The Office
How I Met Your Mother
The Big Bang Theory

Ones that ended in the last few years:
Prison Break

You can point out all the crap as much as you want, but there are still some good quality shows out there.

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