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Comment Re:person sitting next to the user (Score 1) 414

They cancel out the engine noise and allow you to hear every inane conversation, screaming kid, and tubercular passenger coughing up a lung with crystal clarity. That's the OPPOSITE of what I need on a flight.

I found this out on my most recent flight. I bought a set of (JVC active noise canceling from Amazon) for use in the server room. My first 3 flights with the headphones were fine, but the latest flight had a screaming baby. You can hear it quite clearly with the noise canceling. That situation hadn't occurred to me while I was buying the headphones.

Comment Re:Lets fix things since 1994... (Score 1) 406

Region locking? I wasn't aware that any PS3 games were region locked if you played them in HD.

Movies, yes, they're region locked. The games though have a particular resolution for standard def (PAL or NTSC) and they all work in HD, or at least that's how it used to work earlier in the console cycle.

On the movie side, there's only 3 regions now. That's a heck of a lot better than DVD

Digital downloads restrictions are based on regional licensing. Publisher A owns the game rights in region X, but Publisher B owns them in region Y

On everything else I agree with you. I own a 60GB model that I had to send in for repairs and ended up losing all my game saves that I didn't have backed up (about a year out of date), and was out $150

Comment Re:FreeNAS (Score 1) 600

Check out DRBD and Heartbeat. Our NFS servers are configured this way. Once box can die, but then it fails over within a few seconds. 2 boxes with RAID5s running as synchronized block devices.
Word of caution, our server is balls slow. I'm not sure why/haven't had time/it's a production server. I've got a few conjectures as to why it is:
  • It's a RAID5
  • The disks are SATA
  • It's a gigE link between the boxes (but our write speeds are like 20MBps, so I don't think it's that)

Comment Re:Am I the only one? (Score 1) 510

I believe you mean "can even play PS2 games."

Anyhow, I also have a 60GB fat PS3. Never had any issues besides an occasional hard lock. Had a few graphics glitches but that was only in one game. However, I've been playing through FFXIII and that thing freezes on me all the time. I was able to get around it by copying game saves to a USB drive then copying back. Seriously that was the fix. Now I've gotten to the point where it freezes when a camera pans after a cutscene, so I can't skip that section of code. I expected a fix in 3.21 (they always seem to put those hidden "Improves playback quality of certain Playstation software titles" in the firmware updates) so I updated to that. Oh, and I'm also on the third copy of my disk and all of my other games play fine. Thought it might have been heat related and replaced the thermal paste since I've been out of warranty for at least 2 years--no luck. Probably going to rent God of War or Heavy Rain after finals and see if I get any more problems, particularly with dual layer disks.

I really think that the number of people complaining about firmware updates bricking fall into these categories (largest to smallest): 1) Trolls, 2) people who updated the firmware and had the power flicker or flipped the switch or something else stupid and are now trying to blame Sony and 3) legitimately had problems.

Comment Re:What's the problem? (Score 4, Insightful) 200

I may be in the minority here, but I think the above analogy is flawed and this might actually be a decent idea.

Try: You go to a Ford dealer and test a car. It goes like it should. You say "Eh, let me sleep on it" and come back the next day. Then you test drive it again, but this time the salesman thinks you're just trying to drive the car around town, so he gives you a shorter test drive, perhaps not on the interstate (thus limiting you to 35-45mph). You say "eh, I'll sleep on it" and come back 2 days later. This time he limits you to going around the block.

I don't know about you, but I play demos once, maybe twice. This is to prevent people playing demos repeatedly and not buying the game. See Zero Punctuation and mirror's edge (?). He says something to the effect of "Just play the demo repeatedly and you'll have the game." It's to stop stuff like that.

Besides, couldn't you just reinstall the demo? Delete the demo and delete your game save and redownload it (sorry for people with sucky internet connections). Thus your demo will be renewed. If you're willing to go through that hassle, fine keep playing the demo without buying the full game. I think a lot of consumers will be buying the game.

For Gamestop and other kiosks I suspect Sony will give them special demos that don't degrade if Sony ends up implementing this (regardless of whether or not they get the patent).

Comment ASCII art (Score 1) 569

It depends on the class for me quite frankly. More mathy classes I take paper notes. More programming classes I type notes on my netbook because my instructor normally ends up editing something 2-3 times and inserting. On paper that results in a lot of arrows.

For other classes that it could go either way I type my notes. I can type faster, and then if I get bored I can check my email and stuff (ie not really pay attention). When the instructor busts out the tables and whatnot I bust out my ASCII art skills.

Comment Re:Remote Backup (Score 1) 387

While I find that plan amazing, can we all think of the simple solution here first?

ITGUY: "$PHB, Can I have your laptop for an hour sometime today to back up your data? That way, in case your laptop crashes you won't lose all your documents. I promise I'll have it back to you before you leave work."

When you phrase it like that, he realizes he has something to lose if the computer dies. It could be he doesn't realize how important everything is if his computer was to suddenly not be there. You then take it in the back, ghost it (takes like 15-20 mins top) and give him back the laptop. Sure you have an image and not files, but you can restore it to another laptop (presumably you have a spare) and then pull the individual files off if you really wanted to.

Try that first, then if for some reason he shoots you down, try the covert operations.

Comment Re:Same as microsoft, gnome, etc dumb it down (Score 2, Insightful) 415

It's going to be like the new AppMakr framework that allows any idiot with an RSS feed or twitter account and $200 to make an iPhone app. You'll have to wade through more junk to find the good stuff.

I don't doubt that there will be good add-ins via this. There's just going to be so much more trash.

Comment Re:Lawsuits are really getting asinine (Score 1) 298

You buy a product. It's your property. The person who sold it to you doesn't like the way you're using it, so they break the product you bought.

Consider further: before buying the product, the vendor offers to pay for half of the product (making it much more accessible) if you sign a contract to use it the way they tell you to use it, for two whole years. I'm not an Apple fanboy by any stretch, but people shouldn't sign the contract if they don't agree to the terms. 'Nuff said.

This is probably a few hours late, but this is referring to the iPhone 1.1 update. Remember the original iPhone was sold unsubsidized by AT&T. You could do at home activation of the thing. I think it was also possible to get an iPhone as a "Go" phone so you didn't have a contract at all.

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