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Submission + - Football kick obeyed physics laws 1

Tsalg writes: For those who remember that incredible kick in 1997 which seemed to defy the law of physics — probably because such a shot has not been seen since — well it took a good team of scientist working on bullet trajectories to finally give an explanation as well as predicting what the ball would have done if gravity hadn't taken over command of the flight. Let's teach hydrodynamics to football players and give a whole new dimension to the game!!

Comment Re:The rise of ignorance... (Score 1) 269

The nearest place where events with orders of magnitude more energy occur is just our atmosphere. Particles thousands of times more energetic, coming from yet undetermined sources in the Universe, strike the atmosphere (and the Moon, and the Sun, and all the other planets) all the time. Since the Earth is one of the smaller planets, it is more likely that such a theoretical black hole is created in, say, Jupiter or the Sun, than here.

Submission + - Particles are back at LHC (web.cern.ch)

Tsalg writes: The Large Hadron Collider has switched on the beams again with protons and ions, resuming after a 1-year break. No collisions occured yet, but the ion beam was detected in one of LHC's detector. The first high-energy collisions are still set for after mid-December.

Submission + - (No evidence yet for) Cosmic rays from black holes

Tsalg writes: Two years back there was overwhelming evidence that the most energetic cosmic rays were coming from supermassive black holes, solving a century old puzzle. Now they back off their findings as the correlation no longer holds after having gathered more data, and after their competitors did not agree with them. So the mystery is still on with high hopes that an upcoming space-based experiment will find where in the Universe they're shooting those OMG particles at us.

Comment Myths.. (Score 1) 161

It's amazing how many tabletop cold fusion experiments have attracted public attention, and all turned out to be fraudulent when they claimed to have started nuclear reactions. The worldwide large-scale not-so-cold fusion project ITER has just started, with an estimated cost of 5bn EUR, and there are still guys out there trying to outsmart them on a tabletop and some cookbook chemistry.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Full Moon correlated with crime rate

Tsalg writes: In Brighton they have found a correlation between the crime rate and the full Moon. As a result, more cops in the street at that time. However a study of 1998 in the '"Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry" showed no correlation with the full Moon and human behaviour at all...

Submission + - Ariane breaks commercial launch record

Tsalg writes: From the beeb we learn that "Europe's Ariane 5 rocket has set a new benchmark for a commercial launch — lifting into orbit a two-satellite payload weighing 9.4 tonnes." Nasa's chief came to have a look at how it's done.

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