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Comment Re:Maybe it's as simple (Score 1) 388

I don't think "time to destination" is as important as the expectation after achieving said destination. Once you can justify going somewhere (colonize, genocide, exploit resources, etc.) then it probably wouldn't really matter how long it takes to get somewhere.

Remember, not all civilizations in the universe will have an earthly lifespan of just 80 years. Perhaps lifetimes of other worlds are in the 10s of thousands of years and such 500 year journeys aren't that big of a deal.

Comment Re:More "zero tolerance" idiocy (Score 1) 804

>>>Parents have the CHOICE to not send their kids to the local public district schools

Yeah but we don't have a choice to stop sending them our money. Schools hold a monopoly much like Comcast has a monopoly in my home town. The difference is I can choose not to pay Comcast any dollars (and therefore not have internet). I don't have that choice with the schools. Even if I send my kid to Apple Elementary, the public school is still sucking dollars from my wallet.

The money should follow the child just the same way it works in European schools.

Well I live in New Jersey and this is precisely how it works. I have the choice to send my child to charter school in another county 30 minutes away and I pay nothing extra. The monies I pay for school taxes follows my child. So in NJ (at least), you do have a choice AND the money follows them.

Comment Re:Terrible Idea (Score 1) 409

I would imagine a great panic since neither country has publicized any weapon other than a nuclear capable ICBM and our intelligence probably would confirm this. This is a stupid comparison. Obviously an ICBM from Russia/China is a nuke. And obviously our missile defense shield would eliminate a single ICBM threat not requiring a full nuclear retaliatory action.

Continuing our game.. now I'm imagining I'm Iran. I think I want to nuke someone.. oh wait our nuclear launch vehicles were just blown the fuck up an hour later. What the hell just happened? Oh that's right, the Americans have a 60 minute counter to our stupidity. So we're out of nukes now, time to invade Israel with conventional warfare because we should respond to the American action? I doubt it. More like we deny we were going to nuke anyone and blame the US for terrorist actions against our country.

And as for inspecting our weapons. We only need justify our weapons claims to those who hold an equal threat of invading/annihilating our own soil. Iran does not fall into this category. Iran can either choose to believe the public intel or test it's luck against it. Which do you think they will choose?

Comment Re:Terrible Idea (Score 2, Informative) 409

1. The US agreed in the Bush era that it could be misinterpreted as a nuclear ICBM, however in nuclear war (especially in a preemptive strike scenario), there is not tactical advantage to launching a SINGLE missile at your nuclear foe. So the notion this could be misinterpreted is ridiculous.

2. The military has a blank check, therefore a blank budget. We've long surpassed the millions mark of military toys. Not to mention, do you really think you have a say in what the military wants?

3. The point was to have a state side solution to an imminent [nuclear] threat. Having a base in another country doesn't make you military ready to fight a war on a moments notice. It takes time to deploy supplies/troops/etc. This is a 60 minute solution. Not to mention, why wait for an ICBM to launch and counter with ABMs when you can take it out before it ever reaches launch capability? This isn't the solution for nuclear super powers, its for the little guys like Iran with only a handful of nukes where you can take the threat out in one shot.

Listen, in the end this is being put out there as the next evolution in warfare. The US must maintain their role on the playground and this is the latest thing to make a potential threat think about messing with us. Nukes are so '80s.

Comment Re:infrared (Score 1) 409

The fact that the new weapon is moving at supersonic speeds (in excess of Mach 3) that are generating a condition that requires special heat shielding like the space shuttle, I doubt that even a PAC-3 missile moving which moves at Mach 5 would be a match for it. Although its a good thing we're the only ones with PAC-3 ABMs.

Comment Re:About time (Score 1) 494

Are you kidding me?

How exactly should the girl's parents "have thought about this." when they probably weren't even aware of it? How exactly do you infer that the girl's actions are a direct result of the parent's lack of trying to teach their child morals, values, and manners?

You obviously are not a parent. I, however, am one and I can assure you that you teach your children the best you can and in the end they make their own decisions be it good or bad regardless of the upbringing you had for your children.

Up to this incident, this girl's worst punishment was probably being grounded and her computer/TV taken away from her. This isn't like a kid was busted for assault or drugs and may spend some time in juvenile detention and still end up with NO RECORD. This girl posted some text on a social website and now will be punished by ruining her life with a FELONY. This is beyond ridiculous.

Comment Re:Can't blame them (Score 5, Insightful) 1032

The problem isn't just Iran becoming nuclear armed. There are several other countries (Venezuela comes to mind) that are watching Iran push the international community around and may feel they can do the same exact thing and go down the road of nuclear arming.

I don't trust the countries that DO have nukes to not blow up the planet, let alone the countries that harbor terrorists and put out threats of using them to wipe out another race. Iran must be dealt with.

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