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Comment Re:Need help with "Neutrality" definition (Score 1) 251

I would say that you are indeed in support of "Net Neutrality." There is nothing in the overall general scheme of the idea that says legislation is necessary or the ideal form of enforcing net neutrality. If there was some simpler way of guaranteeing equality on the net without having to get Congress involved, I think we would much rather go down that road.

But alas, it appears that at the moment there is very little in the way of other options when it comes to preventing telephone and cable companies from charging extra to companies to be able to deliver their content to end-users without being throttled. The only other possible solution right now that I can think of is some sort of idealistic "pipe dream" where companies like Google and Microsoft and Ebay and every other big internet company suddenly joins forces to establish a new system which would completely bypass the current method of delivery through a person's current internet connection, something like the previously discussed nationwide wireless network and such.

I don't think it is hard at all to be a supporter of Net Neutrality while still remaining apprehensive about government intervention. I mean, for more than 6 years now most of us on the "Left" of the political spectrum have cringed at the very thought of taking something to congress, but at the moment it seems that Congress is the closest thing we have to a shot right now at keeping Telcos from holding the Web hostage.

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