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Submission + - How to deal with and improve poor handwriting?

TrueKonrads writes: Many of slashdotters, yours truly included type on keyboard significantly more than write with pen on paper. However, when interviewing clients or generally taking notes, notebook is still the easiest way to do it. Unfortunately, my handwriting is barely legible and I am happy I can read what I wrote; giving notes to somebody else is simply out of question. How do you deal with it? Abandon notebooks at all or have you found a way to improve legibility?

Submission + - Navy launches U.S.S Independence

TrueKonrads writes: The US Navy launched new Littoral Combat Ship — the U.S.S. Independence. It is a wickedly cool Trimaran, that can be tailored to carry helicopters, big guns, torpedoes and angry men and move at 60 knots, which is a lot for ship this size and for sea faring ships in general.

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