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Comment Re:Is Redstone Fun (Score 1) 95

I'm not familiar with the Little Big Planet series, but if you don't care for the complexities of Redstone circuits, might I suggest trying RedPower? It's a great little mod that I use for my item sortation, but they also have much simpler to use variants of the base Redstone circuits.

Don't wanna fool around installing mods by hand? Try Feed The Beast (most options in their launcher have RedPower IIRC) or Technic/Tekkit (ditto).

And remember - One More Block! ;D

Comment Re:Are there any decent GSM providers in the state (Score 1) 297

Well, I'm HOPING to get this phone, but not until it's available on Ting. Don't know when (or if) that will be, but that's what I'm waiting for. I prefer them to Virgin as they roam voice & text to Verizon (not data sadly). Virgin (another Sprint MVNO like Ting) doesn't roam.

The fact that their customer support is also WAY better doesn't hurt either. :)

If you wanna try Ting, feel free to use either twig.ting.com to get $50 off your first order, or, if you're feeling altruistic, my referal to get $25 off your order and me $25 off my bill. As someone who came from Virgin, I'm quite pleased with them. Depending on usage & service, though, YMMV (that is, if you're a HEAVY data user and Sprint gets great service in your area, you might be better off with Virgin).

Comment Re:Will this somehow cause Sprint to stop sucking? (Score 1) 59

I too am a Ting customer, and I will second your statement pretty much in its entirety (Esp WRT the buckets gripe - it really is the worst thing I can say about Ting though, and that's good :D). I finally went in for the Airave, and am just waiting for it to get here. I'm pretty excited.

Comment Re:What's less wasteful? (Score 1) 419

Well, yeah, I guess, if you're streaming from Pandora. Personally, I just use Spotify. Yes, I realize I don't "own the music", but considering the amount of "new" (that is, music that I was unfamiliar with previously, not necessarily newly released). The $10 a month seems fair to me, considering that I have a big appetite, and often grow bored of something I've heard 100 times.

Anyway, with Spotify (and I assume others like Rdio and Mog or what ever their called), you can choose to stream, or choose to download to the device, as the situation warrants. If you have the songs downloaded, you don't need ANY connection to play them (though you do have to call home even so once every 30 days).

Comment Re:Utility (Score 1) 419

There'd be riots in the fucking streets if your electric company tried to pull that shit. But for telecom, it's the only way it's done. You're fucked if you use too much and you're fucked if you use too little, and if you want to switch to a different provider, well, there's less than five of them, and they all have the same plans, but we assure you that there's no collusion in this free market, no sir!

Well, not the ONLY way...

Not related to the company at all, just a very happy subscriber. I'd give you my referral code, but I don't want to give the impression that I'm only pumping them for discounts.

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