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Comment Re:He's making it up as he goes along! (Score 1) 217

So, he has an opinion that he gave on his twitter feed. So, fucking what?
Do you think that Trump somehow made a deal? The only information the article has is:

It comes as the technology industry has pushed back against the Trump administration, amid mounting pressure to move manufacturing jobs back to the U.S. There will be no incentives from the federal government for the Intel project, the White House said.

Intel has a number of semiconductor fabrication plants in the US. In fact, they have 4 in Chandler, AZ. So, I think it is a good bet the Trump had little or nothing to do with the decision, but Intel is taking advantage of the politics.

Comment Re:Not sure what to think.... (Score 4, Informative) 798

Really, So have you looked the term up in a legal dictionary?

From Black's Law Dictionary:

What is GENDER?

Defined difference between men and women based on culturally and socially constructed mores, politics, and affairs. Time and location give rise to a variety of local definitions. Contrasts to what is defined as the biological sex of a living creature.

Seems like you may be full of shit.

Comment Do the police know that the evidence exists? (Score 1) 184

I am not sure, but when a similar case was discussed here before. I believe you could be compelled to decrypt a computer, if the police could show that knew you were hiding evidence of a crime. Well, at least that was what was said about opening a safe. You could be compelled, if the police could show the court proof that you were concealing evidence.

So, they could not go fishing for evidence. They had to know the evidence exists and to some extent its content. That maybe true in this case....

Comment Re:What's the _actual_ algorithm. (Score 1) 78

The paper you point to proves that all add numbers larger than 10^27 are the sum of three primes and then references another paper where they have tested all odd numbers to 10^38 and concludes that all odd numbers larger than 5 can be the sum of 3 primes. It does not say anything about the Sieve of Eratosthenes. So, as far as I can tell there is nothing describing the modifications.

Comment Re:My immunity deal . . . (Score 0) 592

1. Setting up an email server is not illegal.
2. When Clinton was using the private email server, there was no law or policy that required her to use the government email server.
3. Even though it is reported that it is an "insecure" email server, I am not convinced that the government is particularly good at securing servers. Witness the break in Office of Personnel Management.

Comment Re:Sigh. She is NOT an engineer. (Score 4, Insightful) 370

So, My father who has a degree in mechanical engineering, worked for TRW on steering systems, and had the title Senior Engineer was not an engineer, because he did not have a license? He was not required to have a license by his employer or the state. Before he worked on steering systems, he worked on presses for aluminum extrusion (read as involving extremely high pressures).

Both of these positions required him to design systems that if they failed would be vary dangerous and likely seriously injure or kill people. Yet you claim he was not an engineer.

I wonder if you would consider Gustave Eiffel, Henry Ford, Leonardo da Vinci, or James Watt engineers.

Some engineers are licensed in some jurisdictions because it is required by the law or by the employer. However, a license does not make the engineer.

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