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Comment Re:OPerator not telling the whole story (Score 1) 307

> Yes, the pilot claimed 200 feet - but that's past the effective 40 yard range of most shotguns.

Effective range depends on what effect you are trying to achieve. In hunting terms, effective range is the distance at which you can expect a humane kill of the creature you are hunting. Quadcopters are fragile things so I would expect the effective range to take one down to be much higher than the quoted range for hunting birds.

Comment Re:Do not want! (Score 2) 85

The corporate office where I work has many meeting rooms with projectors or TV screens. Typically there are two connectors wireed to the meeting room table - VGA d-sub and HDMI. I will never get the time back which I have spent watching presenters faff around with getting their display working.

More generally, the problem for the device owner is to have a connecting cable which will work with any foreign display they need to present on. I'd rather use DisplayPort myself, but the most commonly available digital port is HDMI. The sad reality is that USB-C HDMI output is going to be the most frequently used display output from next generation devices.

MHL uses the same physical connector as HDMI (at the display end) and the average punter isn't going to know if a given display supports MHL. I forsee that in the future, people will have the same problem with USB-c connections. They same physical port supports so many display standards that people who don't read the manual are going to become frustrated figuring out which ones are suppoted on a given device.

Ideally, I would like to see some sort of wireless display standard that's easy to pair and widely adopted, but that's not happening any time soon.

Comment Re:LaTeX (Score 1) 349

It could be either.

If the cell is General format rather than Text, excel can interpert what is typed in as a date or numeric format it it matches certain patterns.

When using the import wizard, to import text files, you can chose how Excel interprets each column (General, Text, Date or Skip) on the third step of the wizard. If you click Finish on the second step excel will default to general and perform conversions.

Comment Re:cost reduction (Score 2) 595

absolutely NO ONE outside of 1 Infinite Loop REALLY knows

Assuming Apple is sticking with it's regular September release cycle, there will be workers in a Chinese factory making the phones right now who will have a strong suspicion. Also people in the supply chain who may or may not have received their annual order of 3.5mm components.

Of course Apple might test the waters by having only one new model without the 3.5mm jack. Regardless, when it comes to the iphone7, the decision would have been made months if not years ago,

Comment Re:Security by obscurity works quite well. (Score 1) 245

The term security by obscurity does not refer to any system that relies on secrecy - it refers to schemes that are flawed by being trivially easy to compromise once a secret is revealed.

Requiring a key to unlock a door is not security by obscurity, even though the pattern of the key is the secret.
Hiding the key under the doormat is security by obscurity.

Comment Re: The NAND isn't 20nm (Score 2) 75

There are already XQD cards that seem to meet your criteria. Nikon has the interface on their higher end carmeras. The are bigger than SD cards, but more robust looking and still smaller than the old CF cards.

XQD uses PCI express to transfer data so the interface shouln't be a bootleneck at the moment.

My understanding is that SD had a controller on board to be easily imeplemented on portable devices which didn't have a PCIe bus.

Comment Re: Not Quite as Described (Score 3, Informative) 197

Here is a contemporary account based on Tridge's talk at in 2005

The help command showed that there was a clone command.

"Tridge concluded that perhaps the clone command could be utilized to obtain a clone of a repository. Sure enough, it returned a large volume of output. Even better, that output was a simple series of SCCS files. At that point, the "reverse engineering" task is essentially complete. There was not a whole lot to it. "

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