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Comment Re:"Shortage" (Score 1) 617

So I'm supposed to bring in a roommate or two to live with me, my wife, and my kids. Am I also supposed to accept a lower wage and risk not being able to put my children through college? You're right about westerners not being willing to accept a lower wage. We've built up a lifestyle for ourselves by getting an education and working hard. Why should we sacrifice our lifestyle and financial goals so corporate execs can take home bigger bonuses?

Comment Past exerience is baggage? (Score 1) 441

"Shailesh Thakurdesai, business development manager at Texas Instruments India , says college hiring is a priority for the company because "freshers learn fast and do things differently, without the baggage of past experience..."

Wow, really? So experience is baggage? I know this analogy has been used millions of times in the past, but if I was having open heart surgery, I'd certainly want a surgeon with "baggage" versus a fast-learning "fresher."

What a tool. Is this guy for real?

Comment Re:US-only problem? (Score 1) 913

You're kidding me, right? To say your single point discredits my argument is laughable. Sure, there are superstars out there with extraordinary talent that don't necessarily need a degree. But overwhelmingly, those people are the exception to the rule. Do you think companies like Pixar or Disney would hire animators without looking at the type of degree a candidate possesses? Do you think a company like IBM, Adobe, or Microsoft would hire technical writers or graphics designers without looking at educational background? Same with the New York Times hiring a reporter. And NBC, CBS, or ABC hiring script writers or CGI effects artists. I can guarantee you that those companies will look into a candidate's educational background.

As a systems engineer, I'm always amazed at the myopic, arrogant view of liberal arts majors by those in my profession. In my opinion, liberal arts majors are just as important to a functioning, civil society as science majors.

Comment Re:US-only problem? (Score 1) 913

Do you like to watch TV? Do you enjoy good movies? Do you enjoy the CGI effects in a movies and TV shows? Do you enjoy listening to music? Do you enjoy reading a good novel? Do you read the news? Or view the photographs in a news story? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions (and the list of questions could go on and on), most likely you have a liberal arts major somewhere to thank. I tire of these arguments that liberal arts majors are worthless and that a degree only "qualifies them to be a manager of a mall bookstore." How pathetically uninformed.

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