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Comment The Big Bang Is Obsolete (Score 2, Informative) 157

What do you think will happen when immensely more powerful space telescopes are launched?

They are going to find more and more distant stars.

There is no evidence that distant objects are younger objects, we see spiral armed galaxies (these require galactic collisions) at 13 B light years out and there are cosmic structures that take up a fair percent of the sky that could not have been formed quickly, maybe not even in 13 B years and certainly at vast distances not in 1 or 2 billion years.

The CMB does not match a perfect black body, the perfect black body chart is and the CMB chart use different scales. Notice this is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C... is in frequency and this is in wavelength http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/B... --- those are opposite units of measurements.

The Big Bang was an idea from 1920s before the modern era of space telescopes. The Catholic Church jumped onto the Big Bang in the 1950s because it aligns with the idea of divine creation and to atone of the treatment of Galileo, etc.

The Big Bang is going to join geocentrism as one of those funny beliefs humans had in early days of science, although it might take 20 years or so.

Comment You are real bright (Score 1) 186

Apple has $130 Billion in the bank.

They don't care. And this isn't causing them pain. And they are probably happy, because it validates their patent portfolios ability to snuff out competitors.

Patent judgements don't hurt large companies. Patent judgments are accomplices to supporting large companies.

Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook don't care about $500m dollars.

If you think this is live by sword, die by sword ... then you must define "die by the sword" as a paper-cut.

Comment Re:How about energy conservation? (Score 1) 288

What happens to the photons that get their wavelengths lengthened by dark energy space expansion under the Big Bang model?

A photon with gamma ray wavelength and the power to ionize atoms gets stretched by all possible observation points into a microwave that can do no such thing.

Where did that energy go?

It is different than red-shift (a directional observation bias) in that the energy simply is gone.

Comment None! Homeschooling is a success in Africa! (Score 1) 700

Homeschooling is a huge success in Africa, the Middle East and the tribes in the Rain Forest!

On a more serious note, if you are in an excellent public school district the quantity and quality and breadth of the subjects they teach kids is astounding.

You cannot keep up doing homeschooling.

If you are not in a great public school district, move to one and commute (your kids come first) or do a private school.

Comment This is junk science (Score 3, Interesting) 226

And the support for Big Bang style cosmic inflation (universe ballooning up from nothing in a trillionth of second) is sparse. (As opposed to the normal expanding universe we see that even old Steady State theory said existed.)

If cosmic inflation happened, everything real far away should be in its infancy, but we see sprial galaxies 13 billion years away.

Quasars are supposed to only be in the beginning of the universe in early times according to the Big Bang, and there are 2 of them within 800 million miles of us which should not even be possible. http://www.sdss.org/news/relea...

So we have old structures very far away well-developed with plenty of metal, which shouldn't happen.

We have "newer" structures nearby, which shouldn't happen.

Add to the fact there are no metal-free stars (Pop III) ever seen, it is difficult to see what aspect of Big Bang Theory holds true. Astronomy might be better off if it were discarded because a number of the popular conclusions double-down on bad science and result in wild goose chases (dark energy only need exist to support the Big Bang because only the Big Bang says expansion must be accelerating.)

Comment Careful With This Logic (Score 4, Insightful) 224

The same logic saying biofuel is inefficient (requires a lot of land for low energy yield) is the same logic saying meat is inefficient (which is true, meat is energy inefficient) because it requires a large amount of crops for the livestock.

Global price pressures on food is probably a good thing, you have places like Mumbai, India with 35,000 people per square mile. Increasing the quality of life is more than just the price of food. World population isn't a problem, but how it is distributed is what keeps poor nations miserable and cheaper food is solving the symptom of the problem, not the problem.

Comment Java-Free Like NeoOffice? (Score 1, Insightful) 148

Unpopular comment, but something that would put any of the OpenOffice family branch head-and-shoulder above the rest would be ditching Java.

NeoOffice did this on the Mac, and NeoOffice as a result is very responsive.

I do not like having Java installed because

A) It's slow.
B) It is a security risk just like Flash.
C) I have had malware attempts do pop-ups asking and recommending Java be installed, no kidding.
I prefer a web browser with no non-HTML options even being available.

This makes installing a Java-using variant inconvenient.

I well-understand this will "never" happen because the people who maintain it are, well, Java programmers --- the Oracle and IBM types.

Comment Marketing Dipshits Do That On Purpose (Score 4, Insightful) 252

Marketing types love acronyms because ...

1) You don't know what it is, therefore they have the power because you have to ask them WTF they are talking about.

2) It presents an opportunity to explain what it is.

3) A new acronym is an exciting new concept!!! New word!

4) The feel of knowing something and being able to talk about something and no one else understanding the private conversation.

5) And some people respond to "magic letters" as being the easy secret they have been waiting for. Agile, ERP, CRM, URANUS, etc.

(In all fairness, if your job is to sell and promote something corporatey, you do need to have methods for getting attention and engaging people. But it seems like there was a Dilbert cartoon on this.)

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