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Comment Not news? (Score 1) 416

Juniper corporate office doesn't run Enterasys on their edge, just as Microsoft doesnt use apple in their environment. No sane person running a business would be using a competitors product in their business because:

A. Cheaper. you can get it at cost (or close to)

B. Its your product, you should have pride in it or you shouldn't be making it.

C. Marketing / Sales "Our product works perfectly here, come and see it at its best"

Comment Re:Physical keyboard? (Score 1) 188

Does anybody else use an iPhone as their primary work device?

Short answer, no. On the road my Droid 2 becomes my primary device. I purchased it because of the physical keyboard, but haven't slid the keyboard out in months. I'm just as fast with the on screen keyboard and have no problem responding to e-mails without a physical keyboard.

That being said, my responses from a mobile device tend to be less eloquent and shorter, so for anything requiring long responses I will grab my laptop or sit down at the desktop and hammer it out.

Comment Re:Way to be racist slashdot... (Score 2) 113

As a frequent traveler, there is quite a bit of truth to the danger of MLK boulevard. While they aren't always in bad neighborhoods, there does seems to be a high frequency of MLK blvd appearing in areas that business travelers would be wise to roll up their windows and lock their doors. Something along the lines of "Liquor store, pawn shop, liquor store, pawn shop, liquor store, OK fellas, time to roll up the windows."

Comment Dont make it complicated (Score 1) 332

Linksys homeowner AP's have the ability to add time restrictions to wifi access, but that would only work if the basketball and sunday school are on different schedules. Also If you just don't want the guests to have access to your internal network, set up a guest SSID vlan tag it and add a route to go straight out to the internet, doesn't really touch your internal network and in an environment like this its a simple solution that covers due diligence on your part.

Comment GP Integration? (Score 2) 249

Don't get me wrong, love Firefox for smaller sites but the lack of Mozilla handled Group Policy integration (I know there's an add-on somewhere) makes it a no no for me in my larger environments. Perhaps the use of ESR will force the change when they realize more enterprise environments begin to use Firefox.

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