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Comment Re:Finally! (Score 1) 184

Well that's just not true, we've been leveraging the heck out of Ubuntu for all but our Tier 1 apps. That's not because we fear it'll under-perform on those apps, but rather due to this very perception (and internal politics). FWIW that keeps those apps off CentOS too unfortunately.

Comment Re:Why redirect them? (Score 1) 512

OK, so I bit and checked out your site, and I have to point out that the pop-up seems to be taking the wrong approach. End users don't care what kind of pains web developers have to go through to create the site they're browsing and make it compatible with their ancient browser, all they care about is that the web developer is delivering the information they need to them. Also, telling the user that you as the developer (and therefore face of whatever organization you represent) are "lacking patience, time and motivation" to support their browser tells them that you don't care about them, which is obviously a huge turn-off and likely to drive them away permanently, not encourage them to upgrade.

Comment Re:Only 40Gb/month? (Score 1) 394

As a high-bandwidth user who lives in the Greensboro area, I will most likely switch as soon as this plan goes into place. It seems virtually impossible that my cable bill won't go up significantly under this new pricing structure, and yes that's all for legitimate usage. That also means that the $9 a month "Turbo" upgrade I'd been planning will never come to fruition either.

But Time Warner may not lose just my Road Runner dollars if/when that happens, they will likely lose my TV and phone dollars as well. Without Road Runner there's no bundle savings, and without that I'm suddenly much more open to the idea of putting a small dish somewhere in my yard. As far as phone service is concerned, who really needs a landline anyway?

Comment Re:Doubt (Score 1) 478

The Wii and PS3 both come with built-in Wi-Fi. It's absence in the Xbox 360 is exactly why that console is relegated to my computer desk (hooked to my monitor), and not a central part of my living room. I am a dad, and I'll admit that my multiplayer time is trending more and more towards LEGO Batman and the like the older I get. I haven't quite given up on MMOs and online shooters yet though. As far as digitial distribution goes, I stick mostly to small purchases...I still prefer buying boxed copies when they're available simply because I can resell them later if I want to.

Comment Re:Finally! (Score 1) 3709

You'd like to see a tax rate close to 100% for people with more than $10 million dollars? That would just discourage those people from building on that wealth (why bother making the effort when you'll just hand it over to the government anywya?), likely eliminating thousands of jobs nationwide in the process, right? It'd also hurt our already slumping markets when those people decided to just sit on their money rather than reinvest it.

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