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Comment sour note (Score 1, Flamebait) 234

1) Andrews & Arnold Ltd don't have 4 million numbers. They have fewer than 100,000 geographic numbers, plus a few tens of thousands of non-geographic numbers, assigned to them by the UK telephony regulator. I suppose it's possible that they could have agreed to use more through another provider.

2) Trapping a few telemarketers and tormenting them for entertainment purposes is fine, as is making money for receiving these calls, but what will happen in practise is that they will answer a lot more "wrong numbers" from regular people who have mis-dialed. If they search their existing CDRs for rejected calls to their unused numbers they will almost certainly find that there are a few numbers that already receive many call attempts because the number actually dialed is similar to some other genuine number. Recording and using mistaken calls from "your mum" for entertainment purposes and charging her for the privilege is somewhat immoral in my opinion.

3) The correct behaviour is to reject unused numbers with an NU indication. Anything else is antisocial and profiteering, but they would be welcome to do this on their freephone numbers (where they are charged for the calls).

Note: I work for a telephone company that does have millions of numbers assigned, including many premium rate and pay-per-call numbers. We could make a significant amount of money from caller's mistakes, but that would not be right.

Comment Re:Scanner (Score 1) 133

You still need all the mechanism of the machine to transport hundreds of feet of film past the scanning head at a constant speed without breaking it and keeping it nicely spooled. If the 35mm film had sprockets perhaps they could have used the mechanism from an existing 35mm film projector instead of having to make their own constant speed mechanism for the sprocketless film.

The phototransistor (photodiode, CCD etc) method is a long established technique for playing back an optical analog sound track from film and I can't see any particular need to reinvent the wheel for this. If they considered that the film was too fragile to pass through the machine more than once, it would not be difficult or expensive to have 8 phototransistors so that all the tracks could be played back and recorded digitally at the same time.


Tabnapping Scams Around the Corner? 362

scamdetect pointed us to an interesting bit of news about a new security risk called tabnapping that was recently outlined by Aza Raskin. The short story is that background tabs are updated with login forms impersonating the sites they originally contained, but hosted by helpful third parties primarily interested in your password. (CT:Original writeup removed at request of submitter)

Submission + - Sony Sued Over Linux Removal On PS3 (

zepo1a writes: Snip from article: "Court files reveal that Sony will appear in court on August 25th and September 1st, 2010 to face the charges brought against them. In a seventeen page long case file, everything is carefully documented about the feature being touted as a key component of the PS3 and why it was unlawful to remove the feature from current PS3 units. In the case filing, the plaintiffs claims the removal of the 'OS' feature causes them to lose money and that Sony changed the system settings and more.

Submission + - Sony Sued Over Other OS Removal ( 1

Stoobalou writes: A Californian Playstation 3 user has filed the first class action lawsuit against Sony over removal of the 'Install Other OS' function from the Playstation 3.

The action seeks to redress Sony's "intentional disablement of the valuable functionalities originally advertised as available with the Sony Playstation 3 video game console."

The suit claims that the disablement breaches the sales contract between Sony and its customers and constitutes "an unfair and deceptive business practice perpetrated on millions of unsuspecting customers".


Submission + - World's largest optical telescope meets LUCIFER (

ElectricSteve writes: The world’s largest optical telescope is about to get a lot better, thanks to LUCIFER, a new near-infrared camera/spectrograph system being added to the Large Binocular Telescope (LBT) on Mt. Graham in south-eastern Arizona. The tool has been in development for over a decade, and is now ready to offer astronomers “spectacular insights into the universe, from the Milky Way up to extremely distant galaxies.” Its large field of view and high resolution will allow for unprecedented observation of star-forming regions, which were previously difficult to view due to dust clouds.

Submission + - Water on Asteroid Themis (

Katatsumuri writes: Scientists have detected water ice on the surface of an asteroid 24 Themis. The researchers say that ice is not stable in such circumstances and has to be being replenished by some means — perhaps from inside the object. With escape velocity of 87 m/s and water ice present, can this 200 km sized asteroid be a good target for a space mission?

Comment Re:Sony's Official Announcement (Score 1) 147

Not all "fat" PS3's were affected either as they did not all contain the faulty chips.

More likely they have the faulty chip, but the internal clock is wrong. This would be more or less the same "fix" as removing the RTC battery for a while.

I would expect a small number of owners to have the problem for 24 hours at some random time. There have probably been some PS3s that have done this before March 1st.

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