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Comment Re:In 2009/2010? (Score 1) 173

A lot of it comes down to Florida being a swing state in the presidential elections among other things political and money based, which causes all sorts of inane issues (think high tariffs on sugar plus subsidized corn to appease Iowa primary voters). Cuba is a rich untapped places to sell shitty entertainment and open up to corporate development. We're losing that market to Europe and Canada because someone named Castro is still in power, and you don't get to be in power here if you support that family. So, while we wait for the old school Batista supporters to die off, we keep doing this shit.

China, well, we're in an economic cold war with them, and on top of that, they're Communist in name only these days. They are a weird hybrid of fascism and corporatism now. They have us by the balls and are playing a game that makes our politicians have wet dreams. Of course we're supporting them.

So yeah, I want a refund too.

Comment Re:oh duh (Score 1) 301

First off I feel like it's been an old joke here for the last 15+ years that nobody on /. reads the articles.

Second, it was merely a comment on the headline. After reading the comments and realizing that, the second oldest joke on Slashdot is also true -- the summary was wrong, I took a peek. It was enjoyable, yet everything I had to say has already been said since it's now a day later, and moved on.

Third, you either didn't bother to log in or have no ID whatsoever, so I find it hilarious that you're calling me lazy.

Comment Re:Any drones yet? (Score 1) 323

Tell that to the DEA, local law enforcement who likes anti-drug money, companies who make the ridiculous equipment supplied to the above, the privately run prison system, "tough on crime" politicians who like getting re-elected, the private pharmaceutical companies, etc. who make a shit-ton of money off of the prohibition. And let's not forget the companies and government orgs. who benefit from having a destabilized Central America and all that entails.

If you can convince enough of them that legalizing and taxing the softer stuff, then switching the rest to a rehab-friendly environment is the way to go, then awesome. But that's a lot of money and power to get through first.

Comment Life imitates art? (Score 1) 221

I read a book about this a couple years ago, I think it was a David Baldacci. The govt. was working on figuring out quantam computing before everyone else, although in this case it was to figure out how they could defeat it once it was created for the purpose of keeping things secure.

That said, it explained for a layman how this sort of thing would blow encryption wide open, and there was a bit of a hint that of course the govt. could use this to break into everyone else's stuff too.

Comment Hey, my Alma Mater! (Score 1) 465

I graduated from Tech. in 2000. The CS dept. was in the same building as Physics. It was in the basement (yes, I know that's normally reserved for us programmers). Nice guys, but yeah so not surprised.

I mean, most of the physics majors had beards that would put both a Civil War general and most UNIX sysadmins to shame, and yet had a prescient idea of quantum things I still don't understand (and can't spell according to my browser). I think they're doing this to look for their fellow stranded time travelers. Or to stop their parents from sleeping with grandma or something.

Or maybe they're making sure nobody's breaking The Code.

Comment Re:Good, more for me.... (Score 1) 89

For the most part I'd agree, although I personally thought Ta Henket tasted horrible. Not sure if Sah'Tea counts as one of the ancient ales, but that really wasn't for me either.

Otherwise, yes, Theobroma is very good and coveted even around here where we get all the Dogfish stuff, and Midas Touch is also amazingly good.

BTW, Kvasir is pretty good, although very sweet.

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