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First Person Shooters (Games)

Duke Nukem 3D On Unreal Engine 3 118

Julefrokost writes "While we're waiting patiently on Forever, there's some real news in the Duke Nukem realm. Ars Technica has a story about a fan-made Duke 3D project on Unreal Engine 3. There's an awesome demo video up on YouTube. Created by hardcore fan Frederick 'fresch' Schreiber, we can hopefully expect to see an upgraded Duke 3D in the near future." The article also notes, "Gearbox ultimately decided to support the project, and gave Schreiber a personal, non-commercial license to Duke Nukem 3D. He can't sell the work or profit from it directly, but he can use the characters and design of the game without fear of being shut down."

Comment Re:WTF? (Score 1) 3

Additionally, the js code from google is minified / compressed. If you want to see the code cleanly, it will need to be pretty printed / beautified.

I was able to clean up the code using Note that using jsbeautifier actually breaks the code in several places, so if you do that, it will need to be repaired manually. ( there is a line of css that is created dynamically, that jsbeautifier does not handle correctly )

The advantage to cleaning the code up that way is that you could then alter the code as desired more easily. ( such as adding 4 players.... changing the field layout.... or creating cheat keys )

Comment Re:WTF? (Score 1) 3

The directions need to be followed exactly or there will be problems in the code. If you have problems, you should use firefox, and install the FireBug extension. Once you do so, you can activate firebug and it will report javascript errors. Once the error is known, whatever problem you are having can be pointed out.

There is a zip download of the files changed by other people floating around, but I would not recommend it because google will likely go after those people; the code itself is copyrighted and should not be posted anywhere.

Some people also put it up on github; but they are still using a very messy index.htm at the moment, rather than the stripped down code I showed above.

Submission + - Run Google Pacman Locally ( 3

Trinton Azaleth writes: The new google pacman can be run locally with relative ease; here is how:

Use the following html code: ( NOT copied; I wrote it ) ( place in a 'pacman.htm' file )

<script>var google={browser:{engine:{}},dom:{append:function(){},remove:function(){}}};</script>
<style type='text/css'>#pcm-c { _height: 186px !important; }</style>
<span id='logo' style='margin: 0px'></span>
<br><input type='button' id='logo-b' value='Insert Coin' onclick='google.pacman.insertCoin()'>
<script type='text/javascript' src='pacman10-hp.3.js'></script>

You will need to download the following:

Place all three files in the same directory as the pacman.htm file you created.

You will need to search and remove the text '/logos/' from the pacman js file.
Also search and replace '!g.hasFlash' with '1||!g.hasFlash' ( disables sound which needs swf )
With these changes, pacman will now run locally on your pc in IE and Firefox.


Japanese Company Turns Diapers Into Energy Source 65

greenrainbow writes "A Japanese company called Super Faith has developed a new machine that turns used adult diapers into a clean fuel source in about 24 hours. You simply place the bag of dirty diapers in the machine, and once set it motion it pulverizes, sanitizes and dries the material in the diapers and then forms it into small pellets that contain 5000 kcal of heat per kilogram and are meant to be used in biomass heating and electricity systems. Super Faith has reportedly installed two SFD systems at a hospital in Tokyo's Machida area. Each is capable of turning 700 pounds of used diapers — and everything they hold — into fuel every day."

Dying Man Shares Unseen Challenger Video 266

longacre writes "An amateur video of the 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger explosion has been made public for the first time. The Florida man who filmed it from his front yard on his new Betamax camcorder turned the tape over to an educational organization a week before he died this past December. The Space Exploration Archive has since published the video into the public domain in time for the 24th anniversary of the catastrophe. Despite being shot from about 70 miles from Cape Canaveral, the shuttle and the explosion can be seen quite clearly. It is unclear why he never shared the footage with NASA or the media. NASA officials say they were not aware of the video, but are interested in examining it now that it has been made available."

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