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Comment Re: Much needed feature (Score 2) 89

I think the answer is obvious from the parent post. Without a dedicated receiver to route signals, hdmi all goes to one place, and many people prefer other speakers than their display has. I should also point out that the digital pcm streams in hdmi are easy to rip if hdcp is not active on the link, so your assumption is off. On the other hand I believe drm schemes only hurt the customer and the artist, only serving to enrich the content distribution cartels.

Comment Re: What is the Dell CEO supposed to say? (Score 2) 173

Its called mmio, mmap() specifically. Linux already has xip support on some platforms as well. This is all under the hood too, the libc could be redesigned, or insert your favorite language here. I agree that writing code optimized for it might be a bit different but its not that different than writing for an all-sram platform like say the old palm.

Submission + - L-Cheapo Home Laser Cutting/Engraving On the Cheap

Trinn writes: Everybody's seen the $10,000 CO2 laser systems that cut and engrave various materials to CNC spec. Many of you already have a 3D printer at home. The L-Cheapo can turn any 3D printer or CNC mill into a laser powered acrylic/wood/leather/whatever mangler for $200 and about 2 hours time investment to set it up. The 2W laser diode is pretty powerful, it can handle many materials and can be used to help turn your ideas into reality, artistic and technical both.

This is really the next logical step in the home manufacturing/prototyping market, with the success of 3D printers, lasers were not far behind. The L-Cheapo helps bring the capabilities of the corporate giant back home. The possibilities are quite significant, as the device can be used to precision cut, engrave and ablate many materials to exacting specification, as accurate as your 3D printer happens to be. Finally you can print those gears and struts you needed for that gadget you've been working on forever, all you need is a scrap of 1/8" acrylic.

Just as the cheap home 3D printer ushered in the era of rapid prototyping of whatever the cat dragged in, the L-Cheapo will help bring about a sort of popular evolution in capability. Once upon a time everyone had a toolbox and that was it. Then came the computer and such. Obviously this requires a bit more specialist knowledge than either, but as long as you wear your goggles and don't look into the laser with your remaining eye, the L-Cheapo should help you make an interesting future.

Comment Re: Money, Money, Money..... (Score 1) 308

The comment re: antidepressant drugs is amusingly largely a result of both our current form of healthcare (which emphasizes profits not care) and specifically the so-called "war on drugs" which while it has not yet actually criminalized pharmacological knowledge has certainly gone a long way to make sure the average person doesn't get a chance to learn. Pharmacology is complex, yes, but its not impossible, and one of the very first things you learn is all drugs are different (by virtue of being different chemicals with different physical shapes) and that essentially no drug has only one action in the human body, the way receptor bindig and other methods of action for drugs work simply makes this highly implausible. These basic facts would go a very long way to clearing this up, but its safer for the DEA if people think that drugs are easily classifiable into 'good' and 'bad' and safer for the healthcare industry hf people think 'good' drugs are easily classifiable into marketable brands like 'antidepressant'. It gets so bad that many doctors who by all rights should know better prescribe based on these categories. Ok, maybe 15 years ago this was excusable to some extent, but with cloned human receptors and all the research being done / that has bee. Done over those past 15 or so years, there's no excuse anymore to think in such simple terms. I'll also add the notion of 'therapeutic lag' with antidepressants is not terribly realistic, it almost always simply correlates with the patient either giving up on it working or finding their own way through things, only noe they're chemically dependant on a substance that isn't helping much. This isn't to say there aren't cases where a drug helps, but its almost universal that it helps noticably within the first week or so, this 4 weeks to get any benefit is bogus science that hurt me personally quite severely when i was younger. It still affects me because while I likely would benefit from some drug therapy, for many years I haven't been on anything because until recently I had just become that afraid of another screw-up. The drugs, after that initial period, if anything simply made me so apathetic that I didn't care to complain to the doctor. They likely would help people with very different problems than me, and its absolutely a case of a bad doctor not a bad overall concept, but the real problem is it significantly delays people like me from getting proper treatment, so as in my case, I ended up spending some time homeless and unemployed even though I was also the person who managed to run the Beryl project once upon a time. I'm not sure what the fix is, but ending the drug war and reducing the impact of next quarter profit would likely stimulate research in this area. On that note, a personal note to find a good psychiatrist/neuropsychopharmacologist when I have money or insurance again.

Comment Re:Public reaction? (Score 1) 78

I have to wonder what kind of deviation exists in the sample for human safety. It would seem to me from my limited toprope gym climbing experience that some humans are significantly safer than others, and in addition to that, a constant communication stream tends to also increase overall safety as well as response time, by binding attention to you. I would also add that unlike the mechanical auto-belay system (which I have used on a trip to Toronto), a human is (for what little it might be worth) capable of reacting intelligently to unexpected situations, whereas the device would simply fail.

Comment Something's not quite right here... (Score 5, Insightful) 191

What's up with the anti-NN articles lately? Smells of astroturf if you ask me, to be honest, though I'm wondering how it got past firehose stuff. This article is just the usual FUD approach, I thought slashdot was a bit more capable of recognizing such. The article boils down to some simple appeals to partisanship, fear of being on the "losing side" (when we all are unless you happen to be one of the F500 CEOs or something else equally silly), fear of oppressive government control / fear of the government 'breaking' the internet (the Order and Report is actually very specific and focuses merely on anti-competitive cartel/monopoly tactics)...

Comment Re:Voice of Title (Score 3, Insightful) 250

I am hoping the headline was a joke, done to suggest thoughts of *intentional* drug users rather than the mythological addict, essentially hyperbolic negation of the intended result. Of course I could be wrong, we do live in a world where people presume that just because someone else likes to do something they don't quite understand it must be evil wrong immoral deadly and antisocial.

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