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Comment Not a ringing phone sound (Score 5, Informative) 111

Brazilian here. This is what they tried to trademark (The last sound in the video):

In Brazil, This is known as the "plim-plim". They have been using the sound for many (30+) years. I don't see how this can be compared to the sound of a ringing phone.

Comment WD TV Live + Linux Server + Samba FTW (Score 1) 420

My setup now consists of seven WD TV Live and a Ubuntu Server with mirrorred disks with files served through Samba. The current WD TV Live works with a number of online content providers (yes, including Netflix) and plays various types of media files. Two words of advice: 1) There is a WD TV Play which is cheaper, but does not play DTS audio. For me this was a deal breaker, so I got the regular WD TV Live. 2) DLNA: Many folks love it but I hate it. I decided that I won't bother with DLNA whenever possible. It is much easier to let the client to decode the file.

Comment Re:Brazil charges prohibitive import duty (Score 1) 312

For instance, If the price of imported electronics goes up (via an import tariff), this creates an opportunity for local electronics producers to benefit. The local cost of electronics increases, and the profit margins of local electronics producers increase. But the only people who have any increased expense are those who buy electronics.

Not working. We are getting the crappiest craps at 2-5x the US price. The Chinese components are only bolted on in Brazil. Almost not technology is developed on the process.

Comment No more (Score 1) 205

Yeah, I know google products are free yadda yadda, but the demise of reader is too bitter to forget. I feel for Google, because they made the best web apps by far. However, they have been messing with things that were perfectly fine (Gmail and calendar interface, for example). Only time will tell, but they might have just jumped the shark and we simply haven't recognized that yet.

Comment Re:Vote with your wallet (Score 1) 268

a) if you can't find the manual, you'll be forced to upgrade sooner (and, incumbant advantage here: if you have a Toshiba, you're probably more likely to pick Toshiba again)

Except that I can still find specs, drivers etc for the Infinia 7200 in Toshiba's website, a toshiba desktop...manufactured 15 years ago.

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