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Comment Re:Please leave sarcasm out of summaries (Score 1) 152

I do sometimes need people to tell me if my dress makes me look fat, but I think that is a different story entirely.

That's easy enough. Are you fat? If not, you won't look fat in the dress. If so, you will look fat in the dress. Simple. Believe me, if you are an attractive woman, even a burka won't prevent men from noticing. Likewise if you are a fatty, wearing stripes or dark clothes or platform shoes isn't going to fool anyone though your girlfriends might think it's cute that you try. Besides, if you really are overweight, isn't it better to take control of your health than to cover up the results of your failure to do so? "Do I look fat in this dress" is really just a shallow attempt to validate your self-esteem. Secure people have no need for this. By going along with this, a man is sending you the message that how you feel about yourself should come from other people. No one would encourage you to depend on them for something so important unless he wanted to have control over you. If a man really cares about you, he'll encourage you to find that kind of security within yourself instead. The real problem here is a pretty terrible one. Almost no women are ever really loved by a man. This is the failure of most men, and fully explains why so many women are superficial manipulative bitches who are full of drama and/or need to be the center of attention at all times. They are lusted after, needed, worshipped, pursued, related to, used, or taken for granted, but few are ever really loved. It's hard to appreciate that until you realize that sufficiently advanced lust combined with mutual need can look a lot like real love to the majority of the population who don't know any better. Many marriages are built on that lust-need duo. Coincidentally, many marriages fail. Posted anonymously because few people are honest enough with themselves to appreciate the truth of what I am saying, preferring instead to shoot the messenger.

Err, I was just joking around. Can we make out now? I understand that your completely pedantic reply was probably the result of years and years of repressed angst and rage, but I still think it's the dress that makes me look fat. I do however appreciate your attempt to be honest.

Comment Re:Please leave sarcasm out of summaries (Score 4, Funny) 152

And, I don't really care, so long as the linked article is interesting and informative, and I doubt I'm alone.

Yes, ever since I was old enough to make up my own mind all I need is a link to the source and I'm golden. I do sometimes need people to tell me if my dress makes me look fat, but I think that is a different story entirely.


Lego Blocks Simulate Microfluidic Filters 26

BuzzSkyline writes "Researchers at Johns Hopkins University are playing with Lego blocks to discover how arrays of nanoscopic obstacles could sort cells and other tiny particles by size. Ball bearings dropped through an array of Lego pieces submerged in glycerin serve as an analogue of the tiny systems, with bearings of different sizes taking different paths through the array. An academic paper describing the Lego research recently appeared in the journal Physical Review Letters (subscription required)."

Fear of Porn URL Exposure Discourages Firefox 3 Upgrade 673

Barence writes "Mozilla's Security team has disclosed a very interesting piece of research which suggests people refused to upgrade to Firefox 3 because they were afraid the browser would expose their porn collection. Mozilla's research found that the number one reason for not upgrading was the new location bar, and the fact that it delved into people's bookmark collections to suggest sites as they typed. 'When we expanded the capabilities of the location bar to search against all history and bookmarks in Firefox 3, a lot of people contacted us to say that they had certain bookmarks they didn't really want to have displayed,' Firefox's principal designer, Alex Faaborg, tactfully explains. 'In some cases users had intentionally hidden these bookmarks in deep hierarchies of folders, somewhat similar to how one might hide a physical object.'"

Comment Re:income for life (Score 2, Funny) 39

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It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - What is a browser? (youtube.com)

Trikki Nikki! writes: What is a browser? (Hint: it is not a Super Mario Brothers character) was the question we asked over 50 passersby of different ages and backgrounds in the Times Square in New York. Watch the many responses people came up with.

Comment That's how we roll (Score 1) 4

Actually what really happened is this... Every year Calgary holds "The Calgary Exhibition and Stampede" (it's the GREATEST OUTDOOR SHOW ON EARTH GUYS! All the marketing tells me so!). Millions of people visit the city, and things get out of hand real fast, drunk tourists, cows escaping and roaming the streets, hay bales tripping innocent victims, etc etc. The city implemented a new safety procedure this year whereby all children, seniors and animals are to be trained in self defense in case of riots and/or looting. You never can take chances when it comes to protecting the weak and vulnerable. You don't want to mess with us cowboys/girls.

Penguin Poop Seen From Space 86

Scientists have found ten new emperor penguin colonies by spotting their skid marks on the Antarctic ice from satellite images (video on page). The ice around the penguins gets very dirty because they congregate in a small area in very large colonies for months. Peter Fretwell, Mapping Expert, British Antarctic Survey says, "What we find is that we can see the guano (excrement) from space. They stay in the same space in very large colonies for eight months of the year and the ice around them gets very dirty, and it's that that we can see on the satellite images."

Chinese Social Websites Go Under "Maintenance" 84

Shastri writes "After blocking several prominent social websites like Twitter, Youtube ahead of Tiananmen anniversary, by the great firewall of China, some popular social sites in China have also gone under 'maintenance'. While it is anybody's guess as to whether these events are related or purely coincidental, the announced maintenance come mostly unscheduled and last for several days might give a hint. A spreadsheet (in Chinese) is being maintained enumerating the sites that have gone down for a maintenance."

Comment Re:Canadian Law (Score 1) 232

And since you have such strict gun control laws, there's almost no chance of someone you assault actually being able to defend themselves, so you don't risk anything by assaulting someone, and have pretty much everything to gain if you pick your targets right. Isn't gun control great?

Actually, we take great care to ensure that our criminals are well armed. It is those creepy law abiding citizens that we don't want strapped (see ranting poster above).

That being said, I am a qualified marksman (markswoman?) and a Canadian! Figure that out.

Comment Re:There are ~1,308,361 American dead... (Score 1) 164

I'm pretty sure that much more than 1 million citizens of the US died in the last 2 centuries.

I'm also sure that it is beside the point. You see, Memorial Day in Canada is in November, and there are probably a lot of countries that do not celebrate the death of their soldiers.

Towel Day it is.

In Canada we do not have Memorial Day. We have Remembrance Day. Thank you, that is all.


Submission + - What's worse than American patent trolls?

Brickwall writes: "Answer: Canadian patent trolls. A closely held Canadian company, i4i, was awarded $200 million by a (big surprise) Tyler, Texas court, over a dispute regarding i4i's patented way to process electronic documents in MS Word. It centres around a method of processing documents using embedded codes that provide instructions on how information appears. According to i4i's lawyer, "E-mails from Microsoft show they knew about the patent, and infringed to make i4i products obsolete.". The Bloomberg report was short on technical details, but if I understand the lawyer's comment, i4i is claiming that Microsoft changed their software, and that made i4i's product obsolete. So, if I patent something, and MS finds a way to change their product that coincidentally makes my product useless, I can sue them?"

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