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Submission + - God

Trikenstein writes: There are a lot of very intelligent people here

tell us why or why not you believe in God

When you're all done, I'll chime in

Submission + - Which tablet device now?

Trikenstein writes: I was finally working myself up to purchasing a tablet device and was eyeing Samsung products.
But with Apples recent win I'm unsure of which tab to get.
And since Apple vows to go after other mfg's, I'm unsure which way to go. I just know that Apple isn't it.

Any suggestions from the /. crowd?

Want one that is as feature rich as possible and that can be unlocked / hacked for a learning experience / tool.

Comment Re:I invoke the *Not Dead Yet* clause all the time (Score 1) 252

as I stated my age above, no need to repeat.

My one bitch
You should get 30 decades to be in your 30's

I've had (been awhile) 18, 21 etc, etc, etc year old *tang*
They were all very fine, beautiful, as only youth can bestow

But to me anyway when they reached their 30's they stopped being girls and became women

I guess my point is everyone matures at a different speed.

Enjoy your 30's buddy
You ain't ever gonna get that back

Comment Re:I invoke the *Not Dead Yet* clause all the time (Score 0) 252

So many ways to respond to this
So little time to waste on it

I'm (just barely) on the wrong side of 50 (how the fuck did that happen)

I'm blessed in that women in their 30's ....
Well even when I was in my teens I was into women in their 30's

although these days 40'ish and 50'ish women are fascinating

but I digress
Apparently you drug women to get them to spend any kind of time with you

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