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Comment Re:violent LEGO games (Score 1) 163

You are a perfect example of what I fear...

We live in a world where money matters more than everything

I do agree money matters a lot, but I disagree about money being the main purpose of your life/job as something ok.

Also, you sat people in many other countries don't have the same view of economy, did you have any in particular in mind?

Almost every country when people don't start running everywhere yelling 'omg' when they hear 'socialism' or even 'communism' (I am from France).

In the example above you give about hospitals as far as I remember if you skimped on things like healthcare and education people started leaving your city in droves to go and live somewhere nicer. If you just followed purely capitalist rationale for your decisions you would build lots of oil or coal fired power plants, but the resulting pollution also made people leave your city. People leaving meant you got reduced tax revenue, so that made it harder to balance the books in future.

You are writing something that is self-contradictory, and which is one of my main point: decreasing money for health, roads, etc. will indeed decrease your population, and thus revenu from taxes, but then a pro-capitalist will quickly leave them to a decent level, to maximize his profit. And that's the problem: players tend to leave money in hospital, not to cure (virtual) patients, but simply to be able to make more money!
I wish SimCity had mechanics so people would do the same just to cure patient: dedicating enough money for hospital should be a self-suficient act, even without money reward behind. But as spending a lot of money on hospitals will give few bonuses, and a big malus in economy, people are teached the opposite (leaving hospital to a normal level is the way to go, or even below if you run out of cash). The reward of having an healthy population is, imo, not big enough.

Economics is not just the domain of capitalists, we could all do with learning about it. Ultimately, even without the existence of money economics would still be about how you allot resources.

I fully agree, my point is rather 'being the mayor of a city isn't just about economy, but also about caring about the people'

Comment Re:violent LEGO games (Score 3, Insightful) 163

In a way, SimCity is violent. Or at least brain-washing, which is the precise default we hope violent games don't have.
I'm not talking about the disasters (earthquakes, etc.) the player can unleash. For a SimCity game, one thing matters over everything : your bank account. You want to build this stuff? You need money. You want to change the landscape? You need money.
Having a positive balance may requier for the player to diminish stuff like hospital subventions, etc.: the kind of stuff that can cause more deaths in reality is here rewarded.
SimCity is extremely pro-capitalist (may seems unimportant in US, but many people in other countries don't have the same view about economy).
There is a huge gap in what you'ld expect of a good mayor, and what SimCity teaches.

Comment Re:Steam policy on account bans (Score 1) 187

It's true they have 'zero tolerance' for this, but they were forced to retract from another zero-tolerance policy in the past, when their VAC system banned by error 12,000 players of CoD.
Moreover, another thing needs to be taken in account : with their system of trade of virtual items from Team Fortress 2, a lot of keys were traded. Some people unaware of the leak bought the keys, or received them as gift from 'friends'.
So, if they ban everyone who entered one of the leaked key, they'll ban inncocent, naïve people.

Comment Re:Well, considering (Score 1) 119

Indeed, the current generation is too old.

And this shift may not last very long:
Mobile phones are, well, mobile. You'll always have a stronger limitation when it comes for energy / room for electronic devices compared to home consoles.
If a new console created as a high-end graphic one would be put on sale now, it'ld totally smash the mobile device in quality. Just compare what a good computer can do, with what a mobile device can do. It's totally different.

Comment ./, I'm disappointed (Score 1) 179

If you knew a bit more the French, you'ld know this isn't so bad:

-It's not linked to software patents. As it was linked, software in Frace is something that cannot be patented. And externalizing the ownership/defense of patent to a state organism won't create this possibility.
Instead, it's aimed to small entreprises (PME = less than 50 ppl) that wouldn't patent otherwise. Ofc, some abuses are possible, but it won't work because:

-Instead of US, where you can claim huge amount of money in court, France is not doing the same: the sum you can ask for = the (equivalent) amount of money you've lost/couldn't earn. Nothing else.We have really less, and maybe no patent troll cases.

-Stuff about tyranny, nazi, etc. in France about this affair is just plain bullshit (really, wtf? Did I missed the 2nd degree?). Main problem is rather normal racism agaisnt homosexual ppl and muslims/arabs.

-There may be a untold reason: France is just jealous of US superiority in technology (some govt official said 'where are our Google, our Amazon?', or something like that; sry I can"t find the exact quote). And that's likely aimed to change that situation.

Comment France has stronger anti-ads policy than US (Score 4, Informative) 278

Some examples : -Logos of trademarks that appear in music clip (and the rest) must be blurred. -A video announcer cannot promote his own book (example: this can't happen Glen Beck. Oh, and btw, his analysis of the French riots of 2005 is completely false, ofc. Hello FUD). -Trailers of films cannot be broadcast on TV as ads (only during emission about cinema) Generally speaking this comes from the same law: "No Hidden advertising" You have other reglementations, like 'in average, 6min of ads / hr max', and 'no too noisy ads' (wasn't that a recent proposition from Obama?). More recently, it was decided to stop broadcasting of all advertising on gvt-owned TV channels, which usually account for more than 50% of hearing. Whether you like or not those laws, comparing them to the Freedom Fries stuff is stupid, and shows that the author ignores French culture...

Submission + - Microsoft and Nvidia Have Acquisition Pact (

An anonymous reader writes: Infoweek is reporting that Microsoft has obtained the exclusive right to match any buyout offers for Nvidia. The obscure pact was uncovered in SEC documents, and apparently stems from Microsoft's licensing of Nvidia chips for the Xbox. But its real value now lies in the fact that Nvidia has become a major player in tablet chips, including chips for Windows 8 slates.

Submission + - Software Bug will be considered a crime in Japan (

kazekiri writes: Very soon, leaving software bug without defect-fixing effort will be considered a crime in Japan.
On May 27 afternoon, Satsuki Eda, Minister of Justice, stated that it will be a crime to leave software bugs without treatment, at the Japanese House of Representatives Committee on Judicial Affairs, like the lower house in US. The video of his reply can be seen online, and the Japanese text version can be checked at Slashdot Japan story.

Now, the Committee is aiming to pass the new bill defining that committing to development or distribution of the computer virus is a crime. The bill specifies that software deliberately not functioning along user's will or deliberately functioning against user's will is a virus. When Mr Eda was addressed by the Committee Member that “for instance, a free software was released and then a user points out a bug. If the software was continue to be opened to the public disregarding the user's notice, will that be a crime according this bill?”, he answered just “Yes”.

If the bill's passage goes well, it will go into effect by this summer, and after that, leaving the bug as it is will lead to an imprisonment maximum of three years .

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