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Comment More like because of policy (Score 1) 227

The powers that be have decided that certain sites shouldn't be accessable on our work systems, like Google Docs. So, naturally when I get orders to do something from management and the instructions are on Google Docs, management start looking at each other like a bunch of fools who just realized that they told me to do something and then banned me from being allowed to have the documents they told me to use to do it.

When faced with management stupidity, a phone is a pretty handy option.

Comment Involve your staff in technology decisions (Score 2) 261

The absolute worst thing that can happen is when some clueless manager gets a powerpoint sales pitch, then comes in and says "we're doing everything in now!"

Inevitably, the sales pitch is either grossly exaggerated or outright lies, the "solution" costs a fortune, it's not flexible, anytime you have to customize something (and you will if your business does anything worth doing) it costs a fortune and requires an army of consultants, and you're just going to annoy staff into submission with both inferior and more expensive tools.

I've dealt with this. They come in and promise it can do the moon. Then you ask said manager if it can do any specific thing that we're actually doing right now. They stammer and have no idea, but they're sure it must be able to, because the salesman said it could do anything. In a couple of years when they realize it actually can't without five times more effort than what you had before, said manager will of course never admit their mistake.

If you're going to be making those decisions, involve your staff. They know what you actually need, since they spend every day dealing with it.

Also - walls. Walls are good. Open plan offices are productivity destroying monstrosities. The biggest problem developers have is distractions, and open concept offices are designed entirely to create more distractions. If two people need to talk about something, the entire office doesn't want to know about it.

Comment Looks like they took lessons from Microsoft. (Score 1) 755

Back in those days, you could remove IE (the browser) without breaking things just fine.

You couldn't remove mshtml.dll, aka IE (the rendering engine) without breaking a lot of applications that used it to display HTML, including other Windows components.

So in that case, what both Microsoft and opponents were saying was true, depending on what you mean by "IE".

Comment How to lose money (Score 3, Informative) 54

The public face of your most prominent franchise is under performing staff?

Yeah, good luck with that. The fans see the writing on the wall and will bail. The top talent sees half the staff suddenly gone, and will bail. Unless the plan is to cancel a bunch of games, they've just obliterated any value in this acquisition.

Comment Re:srsly? (Score 1) 463

Wow, that's genius! I wonder why nobody else thought of it? Maye next you'll come up with some gems like "teach people not to shoot each other", and "teach people how to drive properly".

Comment Needed to be two movies (Score 1) 351

The original idea for The Hobbit was to make two movies. Then Hollywood executives got involved and the third movie was invented. With it came the need to invent new stuff to fill all the extra time, and most of it is garbage.

If you trim it back down to two movies, there is enough content to make a good pair of movies. Instead, what we got was Peter Jackson's attempt to make The Lord Of The Rings II, occasionally featuring a hobbit.

Comment Re:Reviewers hate it? Good. (Score 1) 351

Enjoy what? The never ending CG fight that doesn't seem to go anywhere? Tauriel being a good little damsel straight from Peter Jackson's imagination?

Forget there's a book at all, the movie is just plain bad. It's probably alright for the Transformers crowd, they love endless CG with no particular point.

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