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Comment Not "Treason" by definition (Score 1) 798

Sorry to be anal, but Treason cannot be committed outside of a declared war.

Article 3 Section 3 of the Constitution. The writers were VERY careful to be extremely specific when defining it, since it had been used as a generic charge for anyone who displeased the king for so long.

Even the Rosenbergs were executed for 'Conspiracy to commit espionage' .

Submission + - SPAM: Deadly Improvised Droids In Syria

Tri0de writes: The Syrian war has seen some interesting uses of remote controlled weapons. Not cutting edge to any self-righteous Geek, but definitely 21 century on a budget. Personally, I don't think a remotely controlled machine gun, however cool it might be in and of itself (which all depends on which side of the barrel you are on) should be called a "droid"l I'd say that descriptor should be for something with more autonomy.
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Comment Re:Hypocrites (Score 1) 696

"The chain of accountability for these cables goes to tax payers via elected officials (and layers upon layers of bureaucrats). If you want to change that, elect someone who runs on the platform of total government transparency.'

You keep trying to make the same point over and over again. Without success. It has NOTHING to do with electing good officials, that is usually impossible as we have a choice of criminal oligarch scumbucket 'A' or criminal scumbucket 'B' with the only difference being the letter after their names.

This is a nation of LAWS, not of men; our laws should be designed so that whatever crooked Asshole we elect has no way to hide their actions. Procedures should be in place, and restrictions on the power and secrecy of each and every govermental entity and everyone working for it, that protect us from the WORST person that could concievably hold the position.

Comment Re:Only Priuses? (Score 1) 531

maybe it is just me, but wouldn't it be easier to just teach drivers to watch the hell out for pedestrians?

oh right, my bad, in this world no one can be bothered to look out for themselves or anyone else... we need to pay $150 for an extra to make our nice, quiet car contribute to the already horrific noise polution.

Seems to me it's the pedestrians that should be looking out for the cars, not the opther way around. Any idiot crossing a street without looking is a drag on the gene poole anyway (obviously not counting blind folks)

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