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Comment Re:Open source: (Score 2) 13

CloudStack is open source, owned by the ASF, and you can totally host it yourself and make any changes you need.

Citrix has their Citrix CloudPlatform product based on the Apache CloudStack (ACS) source code, IBM might have their own product based on ACS (or SoftLayer), but at the end of the day, neither IBM's product or Citrix's product is ACS as neither company owns or controls the Apache Foundation.

Comment Re:Citrix keeps XenServer and CloudStack on a leas (Score 1) 13

It's quite easy to get Apache CloudStack up and running. There are a few Docker containers for the ACS management server as well as Ansible Playbooks and Chef Cookbooks to deploy it for you, but the manual installation process can realistically be completed in less than an hour (provided a local mirror for things like System VM templates and the RPM/DEB packages).

Comment Thank you. (Score 1) 1521

Add me to the list of low-ish UIDs saying thank you for creating what was once the absolute center of my Internet experience.

Over the years, /. has kept me informed, entertained, aware, and enlightened. While it hasn't always been the smoothest of sailing, I keep coming back.

Thank you, Rob. Thank you so very, very much.

Comment Dune (Score 1) 722

I use Dune characters/places/objects for my stuff @ home.
Main server is Shai-Hulud
Main desktop is Hawat
Laptop is Kynes
Netbook is Alia
PS3 is DuncanIdaho
XBox is Chani
MP3 player is Baliset

Comment Re:Where is their testing lab? (Score 2) 117

Have you ever worked in a real environment?

There is ALWAYS a difference between test and production. No matter how many test cases and iterations of changes that you go through, there is always a non-zero percent chance that the change in production will behave differently.
This is why most companies require fall-back procedures for any production change in addition to testing.
It sounds like it may have taken them longer than some might be comfortable to reach the point where they did roll back changes...but I'm sure that this change tested as okay in all of their test cases.

Comment Re:The Cloud (Score 1) 117

"The Cloud" has always been nothing more than marketing buzz. All "The Cloud" is are physical servers running a hypervisor and running your machine instances as VMs.
There's still people, switches, routers, firewalls, servers, and storage that are used to build "The Cloud."

This belief that doing things in "The Cloud" makes them impervious to hardware failure, power outage, network connection drops, etc. has always been misinformed.

Comment Re:well ... (Score 2, Interesting) 386

My company used a X4500 and we discovered the bug that caused Sun to make the X4540 - the Marvell SATA chipset in the X4500 had a serious bug in firmware that was exacerbated by the Solaris X86 Marvell chipset driver.
Under heavy small block random IO intermingled with heavy sequential large block IO, the box would kernel panic and hang - only a power cycle would reset the box.

Sun ended up refunding us the cost of the servers and providing us exceptionally large incentives to purchase Sun StorageTek storage.

It wouldn't surprise me if the X4540 would have similar issues because they were rushing to replace the X4500 to try and minimize the possibility about bad PR over the X4500 being amazingly unstable.

This is why I'll be waiting for FreeBSD to support this because they will probably have better SATA chipset drivers and the chances of the system hanging because the Solaris kernel drivers for the SATA chipset (nevermind that it's a SATA chipset that Sun put into their own board).

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