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Thanks for the review. The book is aimed mainly at the many developers for whom JavaScript is a secondary language, something they just use to add a little pizzazz to their web pages with jQuery. That's why much of the book is devoted to explaining how scope works, what "this" means, and how prototypal inheritance works—because once you understand the underlying JavaScript, CoffeeScript really is a very simple language. I know you would have preferred a more substantial CoffeeScript book, but there already is a good comprehensive reference: The official site at http://coffeescript.org/ It offers examples of nearly every one of the language's features. If you're fluent in JavaScript, that's probably all you need to get up and running with CoffeeScript. If not, then I hope this book will help. An updated ebook release will be available shortly to address the errata you mentioned. And I'm currently working on a more advanced screencast series, which I hope you'll check out.

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