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Comment Re:Serious question: (Score 4, Interesting) 694

Because just like broadcast television, they are sufficiently large enough to cover the costs associated with captioning the content. Netflix does have some content that is captioned on their streaming service, but frankly it's mostly a joke.

I am not sure what their process involves in acquiring the visual content that they stream. Netflix seem to have no difficulty in acquiring the audio tracks to stream along with the visual content. If Netflix is getting the content from the DVD's or whatever, it should be trivial enough to rip the subtitle / closed captioning tracks already present, sync it up and stream it as well. The physical DVD is captioned, yet the stream isn't. Netflix, along with a number of other content providers are basically saying, "Meh it's not worth our time to deal with it, so tough luck." Technically it should be trivial enough to do this but they are not. That's when the government usually has to step in. It's not so much a matter of preserving their profit, but doing the right thing and providing accessibility. Otherwise it's essentially tyranny of the majority.

The main reason why this lawsuit is necessary is because many online streaming services are essentially doing nothing or a very poor job of providing captioned content. Hulu for example, has a limited selection of captioned content within their catalog. This would not be so bad if they were more conscientious about monitoring their content. Sometimes they do not caption a given episode out of a captioned series. Apparently they have to "receive" it from the content provider. They do not check to ensure that the file has been received each time and that it plays properly. I've had missing captioning, captioning that was out of sync, content that indicated it was captioned, but no captioning, content that does not indicate captioning, but had captioning. If this had been happening with a broadcast television station, they would have been hit with a bunch of fines. That's why broadcast stations have someone monitoring it to ensure quality and delivery of captioned content.

Back to the point, streaming services are becoming more widespread, their catalog is expanding. They need to develop a scheme that simplifies handling and streaming of content such that captioning is automatically included and present from the content provider. That would ease the burden on Netflix, Hulu, and others. Netflix is the ideal target because they have one of the largest catalog of streaming content, and most of them were already captioned previously. In doing so, Netflix would have to sit down with the content providers and figure out a solution.

Clearly not all content would feasibly be captioned. No reasonable court would enforce captioning on "private" or indie content unless aired over broadcast/cable. The burden on captioning needs to be shifted to the content creators. There are already standards that determines what content must be captioned and anything below that is at their discretion. It won't be easy I admit, but this needs to happen, and the sooner, the better.

Comment Re:Good luck with that fair trial thing (Score 1) 995

Generally people should follow the instructions of the dispatcher. When the dispatcher said "we", the dispatcher was clearly referring to the police themselves, along with the message to stop following him, implying that they would handle it.

If you were in the dispatcher's shoes, would you trust some individual without the proper training to essentially pursue a suspect or would you want a real LEO to do it instead?

So, yes, it is an established fact that the dispatcher told him to back off and let them handle it.

Zimmerman, being part of the neighborhood watch had instructions to contact the police if he sees anything suspicious and to ALLOW them to handle it. That is his role. Trayvon on the other hand had no requirement to do so. Most men in general do not pull out their phones and call the cops whenever they think someone is following them. Such behavior makes them appear weak, and the typical masculine reaction is to confront their stalker or alternatively, running away to avoid trouble. Trayvon was on the phone with his girlfriend at the time also btw.

Comment Re:What is up with all these bad summaries lately? (Score 4, Insightful) 607

Shouldn't consideration be given to the "replacement" cost? I mean, Apple or any other cellphone maker/seller isn't going to replace a phone damaged by another person's mischief. Insurance, if applicable probably does not cover such cases directly.

On top of that, the prosecutor usually goes for the maximum applicable charge. That way they don't look soft on crime, and it gives them the option of a plea agreement. It's all about intimidation. 60 days of jail plus a fine or whatever sounds a hell lot better than 10 years or whatever it comes out to; as opposed to them offering you 60 days at the onset.

Comment Re:I'm terrified. (Score 2) 74

That depends on the bioavailability of the drug in question.


Most of the drugs you get are mostly filler / carrier mediums. Internally, you can just have the pure drug itself, reducing the required dosage.

What I don't see is a easy way to package multiple drugs on a single implant without custom making each implant which I think is cost prohibitive. Standardized cocktails would be a different story.

I'm surprised they didn't go with some sort of tiny metering system such as with a plunger and miniature stepper motor. That way it could be refillable (syringe) without having to cut the patient open every so often to replace the unit.

Comment Re:sounds like.. (Score 1) 182

It's all about matching the product to it's expected life cycle. Why over-engineer a product if it's expected to only last x number of (years, cycles, uses, etc) Anything more is a waste of raw materials.

Older products had to be over-engineered because we didn't have computers and software sophisticated enough to run simulations to predict stresses within their structure. It was easier to just make it thick enough and leave it at that. Plus there's advances in chemistry and production processes. Injection molded plastics are also affected by their cooling rates, with faster cooling resulting in more brittle parts.

If you don't like what's happening, you can always demand a better quality product which may or may not be available.

Submission + - Has the Higgs Been Discovered? Physicists Gear Up (

An anonymous reader writes: The physics buzz reached a frenzy in the past few days over the announcement that the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva is planning to release what is widely expected to be tantalizing although not conclusive evidence for the existence of the Higgs boson, the elementary particle hypothesized to be the origin of the mass of all matter.

Many physicists have already swung into action, swapping rumors about the contents of the announcement and proposing grand ideas about what those rumors would mean, if true. "It's impossible to be excited enough," says Gordon Kane, a theoretical physicist at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.

Comment Re:Homeland Security? (Score 1) 240

If I had points, I'd mod you down for being a troll. I can't believe you'd be that oblivious about the role of the Department of Justice. Let me give you a hint. They run the FBI. Guess whose logo has been emblazoned on countless movies? That's right. The FBI.

I think the only reason why the DHS is involved right now is so the DHS won't seem like it's only responsible for security theater and other FUD scenarios. So they seem somehow more vital to the operation of this country rather than an expendable line item.

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