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Comment Re:price still needs to come down! (Score 1) 228

You are the perfect example why people need to use 2 drives, if they want to go SSD (assuming you aren't willing to drop like $600 for a massive SSD). Buy 1 reasonable SSD for your OS and apps, then use a secondary HD for mass storage (MP3s, movies, pix, etc) since large files and heavy writing doesn't benefit from SSD. Moving your PageFile to the traditional HD might improve your performance further. SSD wins when it comes to small reads, especially random ones, which is what your OS and apps do a lot of.

Comment The price probably is coming down, probably half (Score 2, Informative) 228

Knowing Intel, most likely the new drives, which double the capacity, will remain the same price. Therefore your 160gb drive for $399 will be 320GB for $399, and imho approaching $1 per GB on SSD is a big freaking deal. Of course this info is an early leak and Intel has no mention of price. But with a new fab and smaller nm, most likely Intel will deliver on this theory.

Comment This is how Oracle destroys MySQL (Score 1) 237

You're thinking like a nerd and not like a business person. What really happens is MySQL's main branch turns into crap, your average developer downloads MySQL because they don't know what a fork is and their boss just told them to "try this open source product". It really sucks compared to current commercial offerings because MySQL hasn't been updated in X years. Guess what just happened, unless money was an issue, they probably just decided not to go with OS.

This is what Oracle is hoping for, and imho it will happen, more-so as time goes on. MySQL may seem pretty good right this moment, but what about 2yrs from now, 5yrs, 7yrs? These forks have to make a name for themself, but chances are, the devs have either: quit the project entirely, gotten hired by Oracle and don't work on any OS code/forks anymore, or the senior devs are competiting with each other because they're all working different forks. More likely than not, Oracle has destroyed MySQL.

Comment Re:Bad Idea (Score 1) 73

Dan is talking about paying money as a routine, like a salary. The security exploit pay is like a reward, you don't get paid for the effort, anybody can make the effort but only 1% of the people who would try are capable of finding a real security hole. The effect doesn't apply.

Comment Re:Company-wide (crap) (Score 1) 152

If you had anything to do with this setup you should be shot, you've broken two fundamental rules for developers.

1. You've taken away their root access to their own boxes?
That's like taking away a construction worker's toolbox and handing them a hammer and a screw driver because it's "all they'll ever need". I'm a web developer, I need to test my stuff in upcoming betas, testing your web stuff AFTER the browser has launched is too late, because users willl already have it.

2. You're running a browser so f#$%ing old, it makes IE8 look good (or at least, not so bad).
That's great for testing, but for developing, you're either; evil, naive or both.

Comment Explicit vs Implicit (Score 1) 1036

Funny, but on a more serious note, during the time of the Bible, people had no way to access the oceans depths needed to reach lobster, shrimp and crab (ok, there are some land crabs). So anything they could access in the upper parts of the water with a net, that didn't have scales & fins were unsafe to eat (ex: jellyfish).

Comment It probably wasn't really Google than indexed you (Score 2, Insightful) 216

You do know many spam/exploit bots use your robots file to look for admin logins or sensitive info. Just because the browser agent was the same as Google doesn't mean it really was, you have to check the agent's IP to be reasonably sure it's legit. Considering that Google even says they have previously only indexed sites every 10 days, it's much more likely you have 3 Google indexes and 29 exploit scans.

Comment Space Quest 4 & Sound Blaster (Score 2, Funny) 348

On a tangent, and a somewhat interesting experience I had...

In 1992 I saved up enough allowance to buy a Sound Blaster, my first sound card. After I made my AUTOEXEC changes I tried out my favorite game of the time, Space Quest 4. What I experience was this annoying ringing that made me stop the game, quit, tweak the settings, reboot and start the game again. This went on a few times until almost an hour had passed.

Then out of defeat I started the game and didn't quit it, only to discover the annoying ring was the beginning of the soundtrack. Mind you, it's an MIDI instrument to the sound isn't as annoying on better sound cards, but on a SB it was pretty annoying, check it out for yourself:

Comment ability to do the job, not boy scout badges (Score 1) 1138

Sounds like you want your appeal to be hired to rest on how many boy scout badges you got. The reason you are treated so well is because you have management that understands what makes a good programmer, and then rewards them accordingly. So no, you should get brownie points for having a degree, they prefer skilled people who have proven their ability to do the job they were hired for.

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