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Comment Re:Yay.. not (Score 3, Insightful) 44

Generally, because a console is a self-contained, purpose-built, standard-specced, and usually more affordable option for people who may not know how to build a computer, or be able to afford a high-end computer but still want to play high-end games. Frankly, consoles are an ideal setup for VR as the software, specs and peripherals are all standardized.

Having said that, I have no idea why anyone would ever want a Microsoft console.

Comment Re:How were consumers not dong fine??? (Score 5, Insightful) 319

Net Neutrality was the de-facto law of the land until ISPs began to upset the balance, beginning with the Comcast/Netflix debacle. This is the functional, traditional way it has worked, and that is why we cannot point to many distinct problems yet, but if you look just below the surface it isn't hard to take this to it's logical conclusion and see that ISPs will jump at the chance to use this as another way not to provide more or better service, but in fact to provide less or worse service, so that they might hold decent service at a premium (or restrict it to their own sites, applications, various new corporate sub-internets that will emerge as a result of this preference for restricting traffic).

Comment Re:Something is missing (Score 1) 359

Is it useful if you're not canvassing a large area containing many stops as a delivery truck would? I can see rerouting everything with preference to left-turns helping more with efficiency if you have a lot of options for how you approach your targets, not so much for general point A -> B routing.

Comment Re:The ultimate in postmortem narcissism (Score 1) 386

Nobody's life can be saved with existing cryotechnology. Freezing the water in the body and cells turns it to ice, long shards of crystal which shred the body to pieces at the sub-cellular level. Nobody could survive the process as it exists now, and the "cure" for this condition (rebuilding all cells) would be far, far more complicated than removing the cancerous cells.

Comment Re:Who to blame? (Score 2) 155

If these employees didn't follow orders, they'd be fired and replaced with employees who do. If a company fails to take actions that result in a higher bottom line, they may eventually fail altogether and be replaced by a company that does. The true root of this problem is capitalism, as it creates a survival-of-the-fittest scenario where the only measure of fitness is wealth. Obviously socialism and communism have their problems too. In my view, only socially-regulated capitalism can save us (too bad we don't have Bernie).

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