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Comment Re:When you're dead... (Score 1) 233

In the same amount of time that a few Teslas have screwed up, countless more humans (even by percentage of pilot-type of vehicle on the road) have lost their lives due to being ultimately poorer instruments at the task of driving. While the idea of dying in a crash that was a computer's fault is horrifying, it's simply much less likely than dying due to your own human error.

Comment Re:Just like trying to ban guns (Score 1) 446

Text communications, regardless of platform, unless encrypted, are sent over the line in plain readable form by anyone to whom the traffic is visible (such as others on the network, the ISP or the NSA). This is basically for efficiency's sake, why add or change the data when you can just send it bitwise as-is? But it makes all standard communication over the internet insecure in this basic manner, which is why encryption is critical for any personal communication among free people. The real kicker is even a crummy ISIS programmer can almost certainly come up with some decently strong encryption without any backdoors, but legislators probably can't understand this.

Comment Re:Sickening (Score 1) 159

This. Extrapolating movement and cranking up the framerate in certain parts of the scene while other parts run at lower framerates or move out of sync is a sensation that constantly reminds me I'm watching a video and breaks the experience altogether. Being immersed in a world where this is occurring would be maddening.

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