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Comment Re:Sickening (Score 1) 159

This. Extrapolating movement and cranking up the framerate in certain parts of the scene while other parts run at lower framerates or move out of sync is a sensation that constantly reminds me I'm watching a video and breaks the experience altogether. Being immersed in a world where this is occurring would be maddening.

Comment Re:Ok, why? (Score 4, Interesting) 311

Actually, the way the DMCA is written, YouTube is supposed to follow the DMCA takedown request essentially blindly while any appeals are supposed to be filed by the user directly. I feel the same way as you, though, that the site hosting the material should have some responsibility. I'm sure the MPAA feels something similar about YouTube's responsibility for infringing content..

Comment Re:Out of State plates (Score 1) 109

I work as an "Amazon Flex" driver from time to time, it's the driver's side of the "Prime Now" 1hr and 2hr delivery program. Amazon currently offers the ability to work in any city with Prime Now (though a technical limitation only allows this one time at present) so it's likely Seattle is seeing a lot of these transplants since it's a very easy way to move to a new city and ensure you already have work. These are personal vehicles so many of these drivers probably aren't concerned with updating their plates right away.

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