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Comment Re:Something is missing (Score 1) 357

Is it useful if you're not canvassing a large area containing many stops as a delivery truck would? I can see rerouting everything with preference to left-turns helping more with efficiency if you have a lot of options for how you approach your targets, not so much for general point A -> B routing.

Comment Re:The ultimate in postmortem narcissism (Score 1) 386

Nobody's life can be saved with existing cryotechnology. Freezing the water in the body and cells turns it to ice, long shards of crystal which shred the body to pieces at the sub-cellular level. Nobody could survive the process as it exists now, and the "cure" for this condition (rebuilding all cells) would be far, far more complicated than removing the cancerous cells.

Comment Re:Who to blame? (Score 2) 155

If these employees didn't follow orders, they'd be fired and replaced with employees who do. If a company fails to take actions that result in a higher bottom line, they may eventually fail altogether and be replaced by a company that does. The true root of this problem is capitalism, as it creates a survival-of-the-fittest scenario where the only measure of fitness is wealth. Obviously socialism and communism have their problems too. In my view, only socially-regulated capitalism can save us (too bad we don't have Bernie).

Comment Re:Well this is exciting (Score 1) 104

The CEO cited these phony numbers in earnings calls to artificially drive the company's value up, to his and other executives' direct benefit. He's cited as asking employees to aim for 8 accounts per customer, not because they need them but "because 8 rhymes with great." The employees were incentivized to open as many accounts as possible, those that bent the rules were rewarded and those that didn't open enough were probably just fired. Then, when the operation's exposed, those low level employees are the first to fall on their swords as the executives act like they had no hand in it.

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