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Comment Re:Flight Sims (Score 1) 1120

Yeah, a new TFX would be nice, with a dynamic campaign like in EF2000, maybe with some planes of the near future like the JSF or even some armed drones, or not so well known planes like the Saab Gripen or the Dassault Rafale.

Or a civil flightsim like the impressive Flight Unlimited. No other flightsim ever reached the feeling of flying the planes in this sim, and the artistic flight mode was truly unique.

Comment My personal list... (Score 1) 1120

-Might & Magic
Could be really good First-person-Diablo HacknSlay with some humor borrowed by NetHack.

-Ultima Series
Could be a good competitor to Bethesdas Elder Scrolls series.

-Alone in the Dark (the first true 3D-survival-horror-game)
The parts 4 and 5 played in completely unlogical settings as sequels to part 1 to 3.

-Lucas Arts Space Combat Sims
One of my personal all time classics of the entire history of games, TIE Fighter, which is part of long series of space combat sims made by Lucas Arts (X-Wing + Mission Disks, TIE-Fighter with Mission Disk an various game engine versions, X-Wing-Alliance, XW vs. TF ...), could bring the entire genre back on stage.

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