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Comment Re:Work and cars (Score 1) 124

Yes, if you make cycling into a hobby then the costs can skyrocket as you chase better and 'better' gear. That said I'm surprised one set of tyres could last so long. Riding ~40km per weekday I'll need to change tyres every 6 months, plus patch or replace tubes occasionally, brake pads, handlebar windings and every year or two put in a new chain and back sprocket.

Still cheaper than driving when you factor servicing in.

Comment Ramifactions for the Future of Gaming (Score 4, Insightful) 170

It will be interesting to see how future games develop to keep them fun for humans in an AI-filled world.

Imagine your AI setup gets to the point where it truly has the same input, not needing to be directly fed the screenbuffer but can use a camera pointed at your monitor. Suddenly current anti-cheating technologies mean nothing, and enough people using these would quick ruin a game.

Comment Re: The man is a traitor and should be shot (Score 1) 343

Deaths due to second hand smoke this week: 9,100 or 1,300 deaths every day (source)

That's the deaths from all smoking. According to your link the annual U.S. deaths from second-hand smoke totals 42,000, which is 115 per day.

More interesting is the comparison, that for every 10 deaths of smokers there is 1 death by second-hand smoke. That's higher than I would have thought.


World's Largest Aircraft Crashes Its Second Flight (theverge.com) 173

Not too long after it completed its first test flight, the Airlander 10 -- the world's largest aircraft -- has crashed its second test flight. Since the 300-foot long aircraft contains 38,000 cubic meters of helium inside its hull, the crash was all but sudden. You can see in a video posted to YouTube from witnesses on the ground that the aircraft slowly descended to the ground, nose first. The BBC has published some close-up photos of the cockpit, which sustained damages. There were no injuries in the crash, according to a tweet from Hybrid Air Vehicles. The company did also deny eyewitness reports of the aircraft being damaged in a collision with a telegraph pole.

Comment Re:Shying away from OOP(s) (Score 1) 674

Its an absolutely terrible idea that tries to make software work the way we think it should, not the way we think.

In some ways it is the opposite - OOP principles are designed to make software more closely resemble the user or business model, on the assumption that future changes will be easier and more natural.

I do get what you mean about the way we think. OOP can invert our procedural tendencies. Event-driven programming can similarly be a nightmare to debug or piece together as a whole.

Comment Re:Not my experience (Score 1) 219

I guess it takes brain muscle to learn something new

The purpose of learning is to be able to do. This is why children are amazing learners and adults become more set in their ways. If you feel like you are forever learning without being able to put into practice the previous learning, you become frustrated.

Comment Re:Oh my god (Score 1) 436

You've got +4 Funny, but I think you're serious and I agree with you, so maybe I'm a clown..

Analogies tend to make more sense to the person who actually understands the system in the first place. Rather than explaining the unknown system, an analogy creates a pattern link between two systems the alleged explainer already understands. Sometimes the best way to understand is to get in there. Showing them basic APIs is the way forward, then they can form their own analogies based on other systems they personally understand. Most of the presented analogies have an in-built bias anyway.

Comment Re:Wait until they start making a bit of money (Score 1) 1080

You've misread the point in two ways. First, GP was referring to wealth within a nation. Two of your points are comparing across nations, and the third point misses the mark - just because the richests 400 people hold more wealth than the poorest 150 million people doesn't say anything about the "general public" of, say 280 million people.

Second, GP agrees with you; saying the wealth of nation lies in the general public means the majority are the ones who produce the wealth, not that they currently hold the currency wealth.

Comment Re:It is not a justification for more surveillance (Score 1) 1011

lot more people die on the road each day, and nobody cares..

That's not correct - governments spend billions on policing, licensing, registering vehicles and drivers, installing traffic cameras, not to mention the army of public servants continuously reviewing safety standards, regulations and road black spots.

Comment Re:Mathematics of greed (Score 1) 98

Well it seems to, because stream != download.

They appear to equate a download with a physcial sale; 10 song downloads (i.e. iTunes purchase) = 1 album sale

They also count 1500 song streams = 1 album sale, but that's a side issue if you count an illegal download as a download, not a stream (which does make sense on the surface), then 1 illegal download does equal 1 lost sale.

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