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Comment Re:We've known this for years (Score 1) 352

Government over reach?
When it is corporations and corporate lobbies that wanted it in the first place ( at least the extension in DST...)
So it is those pesky things called the people ( since companies are equivalent to people now) that wanted this.
By gosh, it we have no one to blame but ourselves!

So now, we just need to convince ourselves, through lots of money donations, that we do not want this anymore. Hope we can raise more money than to those other people...

Comment Re:And then those employees burn down your restaur (Score 1) 1023

Remote call center for all that, yeah, I'd like to see that. One thing for some support, but food issues? Doubtful.

When I wrote ATM type, I meant POS... I like you, I just swipe - but pin and chip - see below... . However there are many many more who use cash.

And so far I have not seen a PIN and chip run smoothly for long - cards getting inserted incorrectly, wrong time, etc. Lots of issues that will slow down a drive through line or even in store, even if only 1 in 10 transactions has issues.

I am not a luddite in automation sense - my job success has been on the back of helping automating people's processes sometimes (rarely) to the point of eliminating said person (or job)...

The social consequences of all this are real interesting to think through...

In our case we are a small manufacturing company in the US. 16 years ago when I joined this company we where little over 300 people and extremely inefficient. Now little less than 200, and so lean it has exposed other negatives...
Gotta run...

Comment Re:And then those employees burn down your restaur (Score 1) 1023

Crew use customer bathrooms - no savings there. Unless the customers are also robots, but what are tehy doing at McDondald's then...

Same HVAC requirements. Customers do still eat at McDonalds. They like to be cool. Robots prefer cool too, generally, for improved longevity.

Building size will still be the same. I see no reason for that shrinkage. Even maintenance service requires space. And people will still have to work in these locations.

Wait times won't change.

Consistency will improve.

Now the secret sauce will possibly be machine lube that drips because of overzealous maintenance workers... Some of our robots where i work... Ugh.

You'll still need more than one person there... Robots clean for crap in places like that. Someone still has to provide customer service. Drive through will still need a person. ATM type payments would really suck in terms of speed. And reduce customers.
The only thing that I could see robotized is making of sandwiches at current state of tech.

Comment Re:How about replacing the CEO with a machine (Score 1) 921

Competitive against whom?
All the other fast food franchises that also have the same cost increase?
Like Papa John's who (in)famously said something along the lines he would have to raise the price of a pizza by $x, where x is less than 0.2, iirc?
Wendy's issues are not salary related.

Comment I may be naive here (Score 1) 347

But why couldn't each state just create a single interstate commerce tax rate for this situation?
That way the complexity businesses complain about is removed (look a table with only 50 -52 entries), then let a state figure out how to divvy up within itself.
Simplifies for business, states get the some/most of the revenue they think/know they are currently denied.
Well, sucks for the consumer - but puts the consumer in right legal standing, fulfilling the use tax laws.

Comment Re:Why wait over a year? (Score 1) 110

yeah, maybe run by horrible people.
I know you are not implying at all, but this is not limited to government. Working in the private sector (huge manufacturing company in the US, ~$20 billion, albeit our location is a tiny part (~34 million) ).

We have similar issues - basically boils down to: maintenance is not sexy,

unless a machine is brand spanking new. It is amazing how quickly maintenance is seen as a drain of resources rather than a necessary part of business. Even though i work in the offices rather than the floor, I still shake my head when there are complaints about the inability to meet customer deadlines, yet have too many machines running at less than 80% (some only at 50%) capability.

Horrible people or poor management? A little of both I suppose, in our case. I don't know about the DC Metro, but I suspect a similar, maybe exacerbated situation.

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