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Comment Re: never heard of it (Score 1) 264

I seem to remember it basically died and nobody cared for it anymore around 2002-2004 or thereabouts.

That's around when I stopped paying attention. Just too many other options and not enough time.

Comment Re:Surely not the ones for sale below? (Score 1) 67

because I don't have the money to pay for a nice VPN

Not sure how much money you have but I highly recommend CryptoStorm. Very inexpensive, plenty of payment options, and they even have a free, limited to 128kbps, option you can use if you can't afford the higher. Read about their unique token-based authentication that separates the user account/payment information from the company.

Comment Re:What's the big deal? (Score 1) 770

Since charter schools aren't required by the government, your arguments are, and have been, illogical.

But we are required to pay taxes to said government that ends up funding the religious dogma in those charter schools. It is irrelevant that we have the option to have our children attend the charter schools, paying for them is not.
Therefore, illegal.

Comment Re:Maybe Snowden Stole a Honeypot (Score 1) 291

in fact, it is so irresponsible to give one person access to so much secret information that either the NSA is completely incompetent or it would have a reason to permit one contractor access to so many documents.

Have you even read anything about how Edward Snowden came to be in possession of said documents? Nothing was GIVEN to him. He used other peoples accounts that DID have access to said documents via social engineering and other means.

Comment Usable on a motorcycle? (Score 1) 53

I'm a bike rider (Motor, not foot powered) and I can think of many uses this would be handy for when on a cruise around the country side. The standard email/speed/weather apps would be handy. But how about adding a rear, wide-angle camera view that I could glimpse at without turning my head around. That would be pretty useful.

Comment Cryptocloud VPN services (Score 1) 193

I've used Cryptocloud for many years with very good success. Not the cheapest option out there. But they have many options for connecting, numerous countries in which to connect to, and many different payment options. They take security/privacy seriously if that is a concern. They do no bandwidth throttling and no logs are kept on the VPN appliances. Well worth checking out.

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