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Submission + - VT Massacre - Blaming Video Games Commences

Trails writes: Predictably, Jack Thompson is already blaming the VT massacre on video games [youtube.com]. In the video, Foxnews described JT as a "school shooting expert", before allowing him to rhyme off a littany of false or misleading claims about previous school shootings and how video games were the underlying factor of each. Kotaku.com has posted an article dissecting JT's claims here.

Elsewhere, Gamepolitics.com has posted a story about Dr. Phil blaming the massacre on video games while appearing on Larry King's show. His claim amounts to "video games can set off psychopaths", essentially taking as given the pre-condition that someone is a psychopath.

Submission + - CEA Head Calls For Change in Anti-Piracy Strategy

Trails writes: Ars Technica has an article up about how CEA Head Gary Shapiro is arguing for a change in the approach to anti-piracy, claiming that the current legal climate aronud IP and technology is stifling innovation.
From the article: 'Shapiro argued that it is not piracy that is the problem, but reactions to piracy... "Small and large companies now face debilitating lawsuits. Consumers are frustrated. Venture capitalists say it is too risky to fund companies that shift content in time, place or location." '
Nice points, but do the people responsible for the current climate care enough to try to change it?

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