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Comment Re:PPA's (Score 1) 295

Tiered pricing isn't always like that. Think of it as a single quantity for $1.50, but if you buy at least 100 they'll sell them for $1 each. Turns out you only needed 80 units but if you don't buy another 20 you have to pay $120 for those 80 units ... or you can buy 20 more and save $20. That's what Microsoft did, roughly.

Comment Re:Expect more of the same (Score 1) 383

Furthermore, ads perpetuate the idea that life's purpose is to work your ass of so you can consume

If someone wants to measure their life by how many games they play, books they read, computers they've built, lives they've saved, fires they've put out, criminals they've arrested, children they've nurtured, or 'useless crap' they've purchased... there is nothing 'wrong' with any of those. Life has no purpose, life has no meaning.

Comment Re:Expect more of the same (Score 1) 383

If the only option is one that includes ads it doesn't matter what hollywood accounting they do in the backroom to say the costs would increase by 5000% without the ads. Give people an option without ads and if they choose to buy the ad version they made that choice. Force them to buy the ad device and they have every moral right to remove them.

Just for full disclosure I have preordered the 8.9 HD 32gb version and I would have chosen the ad supported version if it existed as the ads don't bother me. But the point stands that someone else shouldn't be forced to accept ads just because they don't bother *me*. Nor should they have to buy another device that doesn't work with their Amazon Prime membership just because they don't want ads. Give people the choice, let them choose.

Comment Re:For "sloppy coding"? Definitely! (Score 1) 550

They have access to the data to confirm whether or not its secure. If they choose not to they should sue themselves as everyone associated with a FOSS product, from the original creator, to the dev who writes the code, to the people doing documentation, to the end user actually installing it are part of the project. As the end user installing the program was the last link in the chain before disaster happened the buck starts and stops at them.

In closed source software we have to take the developers word that they did their job securing it, we have absolutely no access to the source code to confirm whether or not they did. So FOSS already IS the higher standard because of the possibility of review. Whether or not it actually happens by the end user isn't really relevant.

Comment Re:Nice tagline... (Score 1) 407

Anon was responding to "Gaygirlie", a lesbian if that's not obvious enough, on the attractiveness of male genitalia. There is no joke, Anon simply didn't think she was an authority on the subject.

Gaygirlie: Personally I disagree, my gay buddies have no trouble pointing out attractive women to me so I don't see why gender preference has anything to do with noticing whether or not something is attractive.

Comment Re:Zero Because: (Score 1) 280

I tried Solaris several times, every time it felt painful to me. I thought using BSD/Linux would be helpful but I felt like a total nub in it, perhaps if that was the first OS I tried I'd have thought differently but I just couldn't make the transition. I got it up and running well enough to handle my backup server since BSD didn't have v21 yet but once FreeBSD 9 came out I swapped over.

Comment Re:Zero Because: (Score 1) 280

I know, but it was licensed in such a way that didn't prevented FreeBSD to use it. So Sun wasn't against giving their code away, they were against forcing other people to give their code away just because they used Sun's code. This falls back to the whole BSD/GPL licensing debate. I think both camps are great, BSD eeks out a hairs breadth because if every lawyer died tomorrow BSD wouldn't care, Linux would cry itself to sleep without lawyers, they rely on copyright law just as much as Disney does... they're just not evil about it.

Comment Re:Not quite... (Score 1) 158

Maybe that's why they need the cash and aren't doing it for free? The cash goes somewhere, it doesn't just cease to exist when it hits kickstarter. Not every actor expects a seven digit salary, some guys are willing to work anything to pay the bills. If they can find a way to work on something they enjoy AND it pays the bills? Well that'd be just awesome.

Comment Re:Zero Because: (Score 2) 280

Sun had great engineers, Solaris is/was trash, but the ideas they came from it are brilliant. Oracle just bought them, they've brought nothing to the table since their purchase. Thankfully FreeBSD isn't ideologically prevented from incorporating ZFS and other good ideas from Solaris the way Linux is. Just because Oracle pissed in Sun's pool doesn't mean that the ideas are suddenly crap. Or do you refuse to use Libre Office because Open Office exists even though its now a part of the Apache foundation? Choose your ideological wars better, open source doesn't care who came up with the idea, just how its licensed and Sun did a good enough job giving back to the community that Oracle can't stop it.

That being said, ZFS is awesome, if you're not using it, try it. It's hungry for resources but having 4 drives drop out of an array at the same time due to a faulty backplane and ZFS not giving a shit was nice.

Comment Re:Zero Because: (Score 3, Interesting) 280

I chose to interpret "storage" as "not temporary". All my long term storage is on ZFS arrays that do use ssd's for caching. Cameras and phones have sd cards but I don't count them. Camera cards are used until its backed up. Androids memory was copied from the backups for use, deleted once I don't care about it anymore. My OS is on an SSD, but its not used for storage, its used for running my OS. Dedicated game drive is also SSD, not used for storage, used for running games. Only place I store data is a ZFS array, if it isn't ZFS, its only temporary.

Comment Re:This is too simple to fix (Score 1) 487

I use to do that. I've moved over to encrypted database with one long ass password to access a list of unique passwords for each account. With 300+ passwords across various personal and business sites there just aren't enough ways to mix up 5 different passwords varying from 8-12 characters. You're going to have repeats, even if you combine multiple passwords, cut them in half and glue them together, or intermix every other character like I did before I swapped to a db. I ended up forgetting what method I used to mesh the passwords together after the 100th account.

Comment Re:Pacifism loses ... (Score 1) 589

I know I'm replying a million years later but ... Phoenix has got to be one of the ugliest places on the planet I can imagine living short of a tar pit that's on fire. Yes there are some beautiful locations in Arizona, but Phoenix specifically at best has some beautiful homes... which would be even more beautiful anywhere else, maybe even in that tarpit as the flames would look pretty badass next to a pool. That being said I have friends who live there and their mortgage/taxes vs mine .... no contest, cheap living there.

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