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Comment Re:makes sense (Score 1) 109

Fearful ninnies like you are the reason why India has been a walkover for every foreign invader that ever bothered to cross the border. Grow a pair man. You are giving up your privacy and your freedoms for an illusion of security.

If you've ever had anything to do with Honorable Government of India, you will know that this sort of acess to private communications will be used to pursue terrorists 1% of the time, and the remaining 99% of the time, intelligence babus will be snooping on messages of rival political parties and the pretty girl next door.

Comment Re:Communism! (Score 1) 169

This is particularly relevant, because India doesn't have any decent libraries.

I've lived all over India, in all the metros and in half a dozen other large cities and I have never seen a library with a good collection of books. If you ask an Indian which library is the best in town, they'll name libraries such as the British Council Library!
Google can help India by making all these books available to every little town and village.
I piss on these authors who can see nothing beyond their own narrow self-interest.

Comment Re:Someone doesn't know what "clean room" means (Score 2, Informative) 115

Quote:"Typically, a clean room design is done by having someone examine the system to be reimplemented and having this person write a specification."
Indeed "Someone" doesn't know what "clean room" means. That "Someone" is you.

p.s. I commented because I don't have mod points for the other comment ( which seems to have been downmodded.
Mods: How difficult would it have been to look up wikipedia ( before downmodding the guy ?

Comment Re:1. Upload to Wikileaks with Xerobank 2. Link to (Score 1) 471

I might look into buying a cheap 20GB laptop hard drive, installing ubuntu, going to a star bucks, doing the above and then "disposing" of the drive and all media so that there are no questions.

1. Buying a laptop would involve some sort of payment that can be traced back to you.
2. To the best of my knowledge, the MAC address of your network card is the only thing that ties you to the access point. So you can just change your MAC id and use your own laptop.
3. Why dispose of the drive ? That is just another suspicious activity if you are noticed doing it. There are many drive erasing tools available.

Finally, why do you recommend Xerobank ? How is it better than firefox with the tor plugin ?

Comment Re:Suure... (Score 1) 317

You are probably thinking of the difficulty of jamming an area of arbitrary shape/size, with antennas located in the centre.
Given that prisons have walls and (as far as I can tell from the movies) are always square, I don't see why a bunch of directional antennas mounted on the walls and facing inwards won't be reasonably effective.
Not perfect, but good enough to be practical. You'd probably need to be right at the prison wall to get any reception - the phone wouldn't work from the privacy of your cell.

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