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Comment More likely they've no interest in us (Score 0) 559

A more likely scenario is that there are an uncountable number of very old, very intelligent, alien races out there and we haven't got the intelligence/means to even start detecting them. As for them contacting us or making them selves known to us we're probably not remotely interesting to them.

One or more of races probably came by at some point in our history and decided that either the trilobites, the dinosaurs or, if they came by more recently, the almost intelligent, selfish, greedy warlike "ape things" have got a l-o-n-g way to go before they've evolved to the point they are worth a closer look.

I'll have cycled past at least one nest of ants this morning (probably 100s). If I stopped to have a look at one I'd find it interesting to see what they were doing (I like ants) but I doubt that they would have noticed me and I certainly don't think they would comprehend me or my bicycle.

The idea that humans are either unique, the only sentient life in the universe or important (in universal terms) is simply delusional arrogance by minds too small to even begin to comprehend the sheer vastness of it all.

Intelligent life is everywhere in the universe - apart from where politicians gather !

Comment Telemetry = spying END OF DISCUSSION. (Score 4, Insightful) 213

> what they are doing with the telemetry data that Windows 10 is collecting ?

They're spying on you with no way to turn it off. That *IS* what they're doing. Windows 10 *IS* spyware. let's go through the questions... again...

1 Downloads itself to your machine without you specifically asking for it ? YES

2 Aggressively attempts to install itself taking over your computer in the process ? YES

3 Sends unknown and/or encrypted data to unknown third parties ? YES

4 Sends personally identifying information to unknown third parties ? YES

5 Easy to remove ? NO

Hmmm... Looks like spyware, smells like spyware, walks like spyware and talks like spyware. Windows 10 *IS* spyware.

Anyone willingly using it is a moron. Microsoft shills go f**** yourself.

Comment Stuff biometrics (Score 1) 184

There is no way in hell I'm having biometric identification for anything. I'm not about to have my fingers cut off or eyeball pulled out so some some crook can make off with my stuff.

Damn fool idea and probably being pushed more for the use of such data to build a huge database by ye olde 3 letter agencies than for any "security" reasons..

Comment Re:Why stick solely with Linux? (Score 1) 264

> but didn't have the time to explore the trial versions before the timer ran out of them

Try Reaper. You can be on day 8,512 of your 30 day trial and it will still work. I know some real cheapskates who do this (they're both on the dole and intend to buy a copy when they can). Personally I used it for a while and then bought it because it's well worth the small amount of cash it costs (actually it's probably *THE* best value for money product I've ever bought).

Comment Re: The future looks good. (Score 1) 264

Another vote for Reaper. I've been making music for a long time on computers including quite a number of commercial ventures. I started off with C-Lab creator on the Atari, moved onto Logic Audio on the PC (and latterly on a cheap Mac G5 I got for £ 50 off fleabay) but am now mainly on Reaper.

Over the years I've worked with Cubase, Logic (PC & MAC versions), Fruity Loops, Acid, Pro Tools, Ableton Live etc. etc. In fact I've got some experience with most DAW/Sequencing software including most of the Linux based offerings (Rosegarden, Muse, LMMS, Ardour etc.)

All I can say is that Reaper is my number one choice by a long stretch. It's inexpensive, fully featured, flexible, the file formats are simple to parse, it copes with almost any audio file format you care to throw at it, it comes with a great set of plugins "out of the box" and it simply just works. Coming from other DAWs (i.e. mainly Logic) I have to say it was a complete pain to learn how it works as it's a totally different workflow to most other DAWs but I'm constantly amazed by how flexible the audio/MIDI routing is and how quickly I can get things done.

And I'm sorry to say it but Linux DAW software is simply leagues behind. I had great hopes when Ubuntu studio came out but it simply didn't "cut the mustard". The main problem being a lack of support for VSTs a, if you don't offer support for VST technology, I'm afraid you're basically out of the game. There are a ridiculous number of wonderful free VST instruments out there (not to mention the commercial powerhouses such as Kontakt etc.) and not being able to make use of them is like playing a guitar with only one arm and one string. yes you can get a tune out of it but you're very, very limited.

Comment More like the "Internet Of Piss Poor Security" (Score 1) 26

Sorry peeps. But I have zero interest in connecting anything in my house to the internet other than my computers as I at least stand a chance of having reasonable security on them (I configure them)

It's plainly obvious to me that most manufacturers are utterly clueless. Hard coded piss weak default passwords, internet facing administrative backdoors which are open by default, open ports, a design philosophy of "everything open to anyone by default", no thought that someone might try to attack the device by using it in an unintended manner etc. etc. It's like they're getting newborn children who've never seen the internet to design the security of all this "IOT" crap.

This whole idea should be called the "Internet Of Piss Poor Security" (IOPPS)

Not interested at all.

Comment Internet ads = failed business model (Score 1) 102

Here we go again with the tiresome "but sites need ads to survive" crap.

If your website is based on being funded by advertising you have a failed business model. Users don't want to see them and will not tolerate them.

Like most internet users I pay for my bandwidth and I'm not paying to download your crapulent ads for rubbish I have zero interest in. Plus being somewhat wise I don't allow ads or javascript by default as this is a great start on keeping malware off your machine.

All you "but we need ads" people need to stop behaving like King Canute. The users have spoken. We do not want your ads.

You therefore need to find a better business model. End of discussion.

Comment VST Plugin Support (Score 1) 889

I'd love to see audio VST plugins fully supported on Linux. Given that Reaper will run under Wine being able to use my collection of VST plugins would give me the opportunity to finally move off my XP audio machine. There's no way in hell I'm going to ever use Windows 8 or 10 as I will simply not be spied upon. And Windows 7 is neither use nor ornament as it doesn't have drivers for my audio/MIDI interfaces (which run fine under Linux).

Following the recent obnoxious spying behaviour of Microsoft Windows is now a completely dead platform to me. However I'm running a standalone Windows XP machine (which isn't connected to any networks) purely because it runs the audio software I need to do my work.

VST support for the win !

Comment And the technically literate... (Score 1) 191

And the technically literate are even more afraid of the internet because they know how shoddy a lot of the code running it is.

Not to mention the sheer crapulence of the average website (all javascript links, flash abominations, piss poor use of graphics, loading of javascript from multiple domains most of which is not even used etc. etc. etc.)

And let's not get started on how utterly dreadful the usability is on a lot of sites.

I've gone from being an early adopter to refusing to do a lot of things online (i.e. banking, paying bills etc.). It's not worth dealing with the complete suckage.

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