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Comment Study Flawed from the Start (Score 1) 207

I'm not usually one to be the person to call out the study, but as soon as I saw the test system for efficiency using a G3258 while performance remained consistent from the original system which was equipped with a 4820K I knew something was wrong. Their entire gaming benchmark suite consisted of Unigen Heaven which is specifically designed to test GPU performance excluding external factors like a CPU holding things back.

They need to redo the test and show the same performance scaling in real world gaming scenarios if they want gamers to take them seriously while still making power conscious decisions.

Comment Re: Great thing, but can this really work? (Score 1) 418

The leave is paid at 55% under the employment insurance program. Many companies have a benefits package that tops that up to some higher portion of your salary. Doe to the way taxes work out in Canada and the lack of any costs of working you don't really lose as much as you would think overall.

Comment Re:I Wish (Score 1) 99

I do have a habit of forgetting about the 2011 based chips due to price of the whole platform. Maybe I'll have to take a look at whatever sits in that space when it comes time to replace my, now aging, 3570k that didn't want to overclock much.

Comment Re:I Wish (Score 2) 99

You do make a pretty good point, but I doubt that programmers will take much advantage of an IGP to offload physics for example unless it can be completely transparent to the program that it's happening since you can never rely on the performance or even availability. So if you spend time optimizing that you end up taking time away from other things that could be done that target a broader group of people (figuring out which parts of your program could thread out to better support more cores as an example). For most things the IGP is just either going to sit there being disabled because a real GPU does that work, or it's going to be displaying facebook because someone was sold an i7 where an i3/Pentium/Celeron would be just as fast.

Comment Re:I Wish (Score 1) 99

and again, they don't have consumer level pricing, and don't have unlocked multipliers. What I'm wishing for is essentially an i5 and i7 'max core' edition that removes the IGP but has a mirror of the existing cores in it's place so they each are essentially like 2 K edition chips stuck together.

That would be a huge leap in progress for the CPU side of things for people who run dedicated graphics cards already. In gaming benchmarks the amount of difference at usable resolutions like 1080P and higher there is really little noticeable difference between a 2600k and a 6700k already. It's almost like CPU performance gains just stopped being pushed forward. Why can't we get twice as much processing power than a chip that's nearly 4 years old. Heck, even an i7-9xx is still pretty usable in most cases and they came out in 2008/2009.

Comment I Wish (Score 3, Insightful) 99

I just wish that Intel would make a version that's 8 cores instead with lots of cache rather than waste the space and power on the integrated graphics. If you are gaming with it then you would have a dedicated card since all IGPs pretty much suck, and if you aren't gaming on it there isn't much point to improving it since even the most basic IGP can run video and 2d applications just fine.

Comment Re:My limited personal experience on the subject (Score 1) 364

Right, but again... how many 40 year periods would someone who invested in just indexes lose money? How about 30 year periods, or even 20 year periods? You can't predict what the exact return will be, but you can predict that over the long haul you will be ahead. This is not true with gambling as the player always loses.

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