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Comment Re:finally, some responsibility (Score 0) 545

I'm not disagreeing with what you say but I think it should come down to personal choice and not government being your boss, your dad, or god. There's tons of other stuff we are not being vaccinated for that also lowers your immune system so this study is pretty dumb imho. For instance I am sure the enterovirus lowers your immune system once you get it but there is no vaccine for it. So does mono. Both of these are typical diseases that one might get in their lifetime and no vaccine for it. I mean if they came out with 500+ vaccines for everything that got us ill, should we take 500+ vaccines in our lifetime? When is it too many vaccines? Also why are they vaccinating us for these random diseases that no one ever gets when there is more common stuff that gets us ill? Go ahead and get your stupid flu vaccine every year if you want, but I am going to catch the flu and get acquired immunity that is free.

Comment Re:finally, some responsibility (Score 0) 545

.1% death rate in western countries is lower than flu I believe and maybe chicken pox, so its really not that bad of a disease, however because we are America, we gotta over-react and pass legislation to take away people's rights? It doesn't make sense, and its pathetic. We have way worse of problems than worrying about other's personal decisions, this should be the bottom of the barrel issue in terms of things to address. Measles sounds scary but in general its quite manageable when in the care of skilled doctors and no one has died from it in this outbreak.

Comment Re:Military service can be mandatory, can cause ha (Score 0) 545

And vaccines can bring harm to children, look at vaccine compensation fund. I mean imagine how hard it is to prove that your child has been harmed by a vaccine! That's why it should be anyone's right to not vaccinate, because if they are harmed...whattya do then? Atleast if you get measles you can recover within a week or so typically.

Comment Re:finally, some responsibility (Score 0) 545

Good point. I just wonder whether the effectiveness rate is much higher than what they say because I bet 90%+ or more of the people who got ill were vaccinated. If something is not 100% effective and 100% safe then why should be we be forced to do something against our own will and personal beliefs? Why should we be forced the risk to our children with the vaccine side effects when this is a disease that is rather minor and rarely kills in western countries? Why should we risk the side effects when the vaccine court denies that the vaccine cause harm and its very hard to prove that a vaccine has damaged someone? I mean the side effects for a typical person for measles is similar to the chicken pox and people get over it within a week and then they are immune from it for life. It rarely kills anyone now, why is there a need for a vaccine, especially when its been mostly eradicated? Measles has a very very low death rate in western countries. No one died in this outbreak, and this outbreak should not be the reason for us to lose our FREEDOM!

Comment Vaccines can cause harm FYI, no personal choice (Score 1) 545

What many of you guys don't understand is that vaccines can cause harm. The vaccine compensation fund has paid out over $3 billion+ in damages due to people getting brain damage and all sorts of irreversible problems. They don't want to admit that vaccines cause harm because then people would stop taking them according to this AP news article: People used to be able to sue the vaccine manufacturers directly but now the government has made them immune from prosecution so that we can all get vaccinated, its because they love us all and care about us so much. Remember, this is the same government that said that the 9/11 dust is safe, that agent orange is safe, that GMO foods are safe, fluoride is safe, that blowing up chemical weapons is safe (aka gulf war syndrome), that DU (depleted uranium) is safe, etc. They care about us so much, we just need to do whatever they say, its for the collective. And there has been one case where someone with autism was given compensation for damage from vaccine: Question: How many of the people who got sick with measles at Disneyland were vaccinated? Why haven't they released the numbers?

Comment Re:Were you stoned when you wrote this,or just stu (Score 0) 447

I have a feeling you spend a lot of time on these forums debating people because you think are you so smart, I can've developed quite a skillset. I don't spend that much time doing this lol, first time commenting on slashdot in like 10 years or something. Anyways check out unda: If they were crock, why are they still in business and why do the have an education wing? Why are people against one of the first medical industries that existed before the immoral current system developed by carnegie and ford foundations?

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