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BlackBerry Bold Tops Radiation Ranking 189

geek4 writes with this excerpt from eWeek Europe: "Data from the Environmental Working Group places the BlackBerry Bold 9700 as the mobile device with the highest legal levels of cell phone radiation among popular smartphones. Research In Motion's BlackBerry Bold 9700 scores the highest among popular smartphones for exposing users to the highest legal levels of cell phone radiation, according to the latest 2010 Environmental Working Group ranking. Following the Bold 9700 are the Motorola Droid, the LG Chocolate and Google's HTC Nexus One. The rankings still put the phones well within federal guidelines and rules."
XBox (Games)

An Early Look At Halo: Reach 107

KatanAlpha writes "Based on all the information coming out about Halo: Reach, it seems that Bungie's basic philosophy has been: 'The sequels to the first Halo sucked. Let's fix that.' We've already seen a little bit of this with Halo: ODST, wherein Bungie returned to some of the core elements of Halo gameplay and ditched many of the changes introduced in Halo 2 and 3. Reach seems to continue this idea while trying to invigorate the franchise by introducing greatly improved graphics and additional gameplay mechanics."
Input Devices

Sony Develops a Universal Game Console Controller 62

Go Rumors has discovered that Sony recently applied for a patent on a "universal game console controller." According to the patent filing, the controller "includes a hand-holdable housing and a touch sensitive liquid crystal display (LCD) on the housing. The LCD is caused to present, depending on what type of game console a user has selected, a controller key layout for a first type of game console or a controller key layout for a second type of game console. A key layout includes plural keys selectable by a user to input commands to a game console."

Submission + - Mafia Sinks Ships Containing Toxic Waste 2

Hugh Pickens writes: "For years there have been rumors that the mafia was sinking ships with nuclear and other waste on board as part of a money-making racket but now BBC reports that a sunken vessel has been found 30km from the coast of the southwestern Italian region of Calabria and murky pictures taken by a robot camera show the vessel intact and alongside it are a number of yellow barrels with labels on them that the contents are toxic. The ship's location was revealed by Francesco Fonti, an ex-member of Calabria's feared 'Ndrangheta crime group, who confessed to using explosives to sink this vessel and two others as part of an illegal operation to bypass rules on the disposal of toxic waste. Experts are now examining samples taken from the wreck and an official says that if the samples prove to be radioactive then a search for up to 30 other sunken vessels believed scuttled by the mafia would begin immediately. "The Mediterranean is 0.7 percent of the world's seas. If in this tiny portion there are more than 30 (toxic waste) shipwrecks, imagine what there could be elsewhere," says Silvestro Greco, head of Calabria's environment agency."

Submission + - e-waste going to third world and repercussions (pbs.org)

ToxIk_Waste writes: Interesting article on garbage hardware being funneled into third world countries (in this case Ghana) through 'donation' loopholes and such. Also has the usual data scowering of working hard drives for sensitive information. the article i refer to is http://www.pbs.org/frontlineworld/stories/ghana804/video/video_index.html which is a part of the series http://www.pbs.org/frontlineworld/stories/ghana804/

Comment Re:Which straight razor (Score 1) 591

Best straight razor: too many good ones; and everyone has their favourites.
Learning curve: well there is one, but if you have patience and are willing to spend a little time, it's well worth it.
cost: to start out, bare minimum $75 for decent gear (about $130 for a nice starter set. A razor and strop absolutely neccessary. A good brush and soaps are highly recommended.

Some words of advice. Stay the hell away from ebay (for now); there is a ton of crap and knockoffs that you don't want to have near your face, and, takes some experience to tell the difference from just pictures. Also, checkout www.straightrazorplace.com Tons of info there. Check the forums too, way more info there. Once you get the jist, sign up and introduce yourself. Lots of sellers of some of the highest quality gear hang out there, and, could surely hook you up.

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