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Comment Re:The *real* question... (Score 1) 61

Can't speak for the others, but I believe T-Mobile gives you full speed up to the mid 20 GB range. At that point you're not slowed down, but "deprioritized". I had this happen once on the 5 GB plan and it meant I was slowed down to the point where streaming audio did not work. This was in a fairly low population area that still had pretty good signal.

Comment Re:Bait & switch? (Score 1) 61

I don't know what's going on in this specific situation, but I'll say this.. A T-mobile rep told me that the $100 for 2 line deal will eventually go up to $120. I asked if my price would go up to $120 when this happens, and he said that my bill will be $100 for two unlimited lines forever as long as I don't change my plan. This made me suspicious that I would be entering a contract, and he told me that it's month to month and I can leave whenever I want. Of course, they've also told me a lot of things in the past that were easily proven to be lies in retrospect. But for now I'll probably get a SIM card for my tablet as long as what he told me about the 2 line deal also holds true here.

Comment Re:Why is this a problem? (Score 2) 395

I just changed the TPMS sensors on my girlfriend's shitty Cobalt. Each sensor was about 8 buck each. The reset process took about 5 minutes and was detailed in the owner's manual. Mounting the new sensors took considerably longer. Basically you're both waaaay off, but somewhere in between is about right.

Comment Re:Hell No (Score 1) 347

1) Once again, you miss the point. Counterfeits are not supported. Genuine are. It doesn't matter if they are both horrible and both make the device explode. In one case, you have support. In the other, you do not. That point was made painfully clearly several times, yet still somehow you missed it. How? Jesus.

Comment Re:Of course he did. (Score 2) 289

What, exactly, is a "secret email server"? If she was conducting official business, her address was out there and it would be pretty obvious to all involved that it was an external address. It doesn't matter if it's installed on a server farm or on the moon. It's almost like my grandmother and all her friends have shown up to discuss technology on Slashdot with us.

Comment Re:Non clear language (Score 2) 58

It seems to prove the exact opposite of your point. The phrase "non-provably secure" was chosen because that's what it is. "The system is not secure" is not the same as "The system should be treated as not secure". In one case, something has been proven. In the other, it has not. That is a huge, huge difference in terms of why we use different words to mean different things. Or you can just admit that you didn't understand what was originally written and got called out on calling *someone else* bad at English.

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