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Comment Only if nationalized, donate (Score 1) 409

In Canada (Alberta and Quebec, afaik), these cell banks are nationalized.

In Quebec, a few hospitals cooprate with the national blood donor bank (Hema-Quebec) to donate the cells to them. It's free and can help kids with leukemia. It's also useful for science (alot of people donate).

Also, so far the only treatment (in Quebec) is for leukemia on kids less than 50kg, otherwise it requires too many blood cells (they use cells from 3-4 donors, one is not enough).

On the other hand, I remember reading about stem cells transplants in Korea for bone marrow that had been successful a few years ago, and they were done using public stem cells banks, not private. i.e. using stem cells from other people.

Although the compatibility for stem cells is apparently rather small. On the other hand, they keep finding out new ways to generate stem cells from adults..

With private cell banks, there are very few odds it will be useful: the cells may die during transport, there will probably not be enough cells for a cure, no guarantees on the freezing, etc. and just plain looks like a scam.

Before my daughter was born two years ago some members of our family pressured us into doing this, saying that it may even cure another family member. We did quite alot of research on it. Even the hospital staff were skeptical about it.

As others have mentioned, better to invest that money into a savings account and use it for education, other health services if necessary, etc.

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