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Comment Those scores means nothing to me (Score 1) 86

Those scores often influence the buying decisions of consumers looking to save money on their utility bills.

Errr... no actually.

That's the very last thing that could influence my decision.

Size, Image quality, price, those are the determining factors for me.

Seriously, my TV represent less than 1% of my electric bill. Where I live, 80% of the bill is for heating.

Comment What about a family of 6? (Score 1) 495

What if, like our family, you have 6 laptops and 6 phones, with 3 tablets...

If everyone in this family has a pair of bluetooth headphones, how in hell are will we be able to pair the correct headphones to the correct device? They will all try to pair themselves all the time?

We already have problems with one bluetooth soundbar in the kitchen, sometimes I want to play music on it but it's already paired with another phone/laptop/tablet somewhere in the house, and I have to hunt it down and turn it off before I can pair it to my device.

Frankly those engineers that push bluetooth everywhere must live alone, because it's a nightmare in a family.

Comment Re:Cover microphones doesn't work (Score 1) 168

Well if you take a typical Android phone, it has lots of apps pre-installed that have camera access.

The difference between my laptop and my android phone is that if someone hacks my phone's camera he will have the most comprensive collection of photos of the inside of my pockets, and of the ceiling of my bedroom... and some of my ear...

Comment Re:Fools (Score 1) 192

The AIs that exist now are already better than average human drivers.


Google's car can't currently do these very simple tasks:

1- drive in pouring rain.
2- drive when it's snowing.
3- drive on unmarked or unpaved roads,
4- drive on roads where markings faded away.(where I live that describe more than 50% of the roads).
5- drive on roads where stop signs, intersections, speed limits and all other information hasn't been recorded before in it's database (it can't read any road signs). Causing trouble when those signs are changed and the database hasn't been updated.
6- drive in contruction zones, where there are temporary rerouting.
7- follow hand signs from a police officer or a construction worker.
8- find a space or even navigate in a parking.
9- anticipate any other driver's or pedestrian behavior (it can't look you in the eye and understand if you've seen it or not).

And you tell me that it's currently BETTER than humans at driving? Yes it's better at certain things, but way worse or even incapable of coping with a lot of other things that are trivial to an average human driver.

Comment Re:Because there's no advantage (Score 1) 206

You obviously haven't ever used a iPhone to make a mobile payment. It's WAY easier than any CC transaction, and no less than 10x faster than a chip based transaction.

Whoever modded that up is retarded.

It's a completely unsubstantiated claim that it's 10x faster with an iphone (compared to what? A magstripe transaction? A chip+PIN transaction? A contactless chip transaction?).

So somebody spout this nonsense and it gets to +4?

Comment Re:A real comparison? (Score 1) 286

I don't know where you live and what you do for a living, but our family, with 2 very good salaries (we both work in IT, for major canadian banks, with more than 30 years of combined experience) and 4 kids, would never be able to afford a 35000 US$ car.

For us it's still in luxury car pricing.

For les than half of this price, we bough a brand new 7 passengers SUV...

Comment Re:A real comparison? (Score 1) 286

In my personal experience (more than 20 years driving and owning cars), the great majority of repairs I had to make to my cars where to the suspension (mostly ball joints, shocks, etc.), direction (universal joints, steering rack), brakes (seized calipers, leaking brake lines, etc.), and electronic/electrical stuff (all sorts of shorts, burned electric motors for windows regulators, problems with switches, door locks, etc.)

Correct me if I'm wrong, but current electrical cars still have the same suspension, brake and direction parts. And they have way more electrical stuff.

And the biggest problem for the longevity of cars (at least where I live) is rust. Now explain to me how an electrical car will be magically protected from rust? They're still build with a steel unibody and steel body panels?

Comment Re:Dumping the Headphone Jack: My Theory (Score 2, Interesting) 551

The result of all this mish-mash was the Apple engineers found designing a (cost-effective) headphone jack that worked reliably with all headphones and headsets one might encounter in the world was simply impossible.

Curious, I've been using those headphone jacks for more than 30 years, on cassette walkmans, discmans, mp3 players, computers, dumb phones, features phones, smart phones... with "dumb" headphones and "smarter" headphones with a mic and buttons. And I never had any "compatibility" problem, or reliability problems other than the usual broken solder point. But even that has not happened to me in the last 10 years.

They ditched the headphone jack because:

1- they can make a thinner phone (totally useless feature, but it sells)
2- they can sell their overpriced POS wireless phones
3- they don't know what else to do to innovate

And that's it.

Comment Re:Wheels (Score 1) 244

Professor John Goodenough demonstrated the first Lithium Ion battery at the age of 57, and continued to lead battery development efforts for decades.

I don't get it. Why would he start developing lead batteries for years if he created the Lithium Ion battery?

Because lead batteries where Goodenough...

Comment Re:But self driving car are never going to happen. (Score 1) 60

Millenials? They will continue to build lives that don't need cars, period, self-driving or not.

What is a life that don't need car? You never get out of the city? Never visit relatives? Never explore your surroundings?

I'm curious, because I can't think about a life without a car. It would be, for me, like being in a prison.

And I'm not a mass transit hater, I take the subway every work day, and sometimes on the weekends when it makes more sense.

Comment Re:Driving yes, but charging? (Score 1) 990

In my more than 20 years owning cars, I can say that more than 90% of the repairs I had to make where not related to the engine or the transmission.

Most of the time, it was a suspension, direction, brake, or electrical part.

Electric cars have the same suspension, direction and brake setup as an ICE car. And they have as much or even more electrical parts (switches, motors for doors, windows, wipers, defrost, lights, etc...)

Comment Re:option for surrender (Score 1) 983

Quite the opposite.

Police should use only the level of force required to protect other citizens and themselves, and arrest the suspect.

In fact, a real police officer (not a militarized bully), in a last resort, would only try to injure the suspect enough so he'll pose no threat, and then run to him to administer first aid if needed.

If you're not willing to do that, you have no businness being a police officer, you're a disgrace to the profession.

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