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Comment Re:option for surrender (Score 1) 983

Quite the opposite.

Police should use only the level of force required to protect other citizens and themselves, and arrest the suspect.

In fact, a real police officer (not a militarized bully), in a last resort, would only try to injure the suspect enough so he'll pose no threat, and then run to him to administer first aid if needed.

If you're not willing to do that, you have no businness being a police officer, you're a disgrace to the profession.

Comment Re:Folks, have your license and registration ready (Score 1) 293

I'm always being polite and respectful with everyone. That's not the point.

If US police officers are so scared that they'll shoot if anyone in the car is not sitting still with their hands on their lap, maybe it says more about the problem your society is having than a lack of politeness on the part of the ones being stopped.

Maybe they need more ressources, maybe they need more training, maybe the US needs stricter gun laws, but having police officers ready to draw their weapons in a split second while doing a routine traffic stop is a recipe for disaster.

I'm not blaming them, I'm blaming those who put the police officers in a situation that any sane human being cannot cope with. And the result is people are dying because of that.

English is my second language, so I can't express my tought easily, so pardon my lack of skills if anything I said is offensive, that's wasn't my intention.

Comment Re:Laptop and tablet makers need to add a switch (Score 1) 292

Then it's not hardware.

A real hardware notification led would be connected to the power lead to the camera, and light up when there's current flowing to the camera. Simple as that.

Just like a real hardware power switch to the camera should be a simple switch cutting the current to the camera.

Sadly real hardware switches, pots and selectors are going away, replaced by software driven knobs and buttons. Those are very slow to react, unreliable, and you can't trust them to do what they're supposed to do (because software can be manipulated).

Comment Re:No Headphone Jack? No Sale. (Score 1) 227

The HDMI switch does audio extraction from HDMI to TOSLink, so I run TOSLink from the switch over to another Optical Input on the A/V Receiver.

RCA To/From TOSLink for less than $20 per device-to-convert with things like these

That's very interesting, didn't know that these converter existed.

Thanks for the reply.

Comment Re:No Headphone Jack? No Sale. (Score 1) 227

I just converted my home stereo system from entirely analog, with piles of RCA cables running everywhere, to HDMI/TOSLink. I thought it was going to be very hard to get everything together; but it was quite the opposite. I replaced a gallon-ziploc bag STUFFED full of RCA cables with about 5 HDMI cables and a couple of TOSLink cables. Took a couple of hours to do the switchover, and everything just worked. So it IS possible to move forward without having to rewrite the entire U.S. Constitution... I swore it would be 50 years before the last RCA jack disappeared from audio/video gear; but now I'm not so sure. More like 10-15 years at MOST. Time marches on... You can either march too, or get trampled. That's just the way it is with everything, and even more so with electronics.

I'm curious how you could do that?

The only devices I have with HDMI are the Bluray player and the TV.

The XBOX 360 has an optical audio out.

But all the other equipment is RCA only, both for video and audio. I'm talking about the Wii, a turntable, a tapedeck, a CD player, the small 3.5mm to RCA lead we use to plug phone/tablets/mp3 players in the receiver (no pairing, no lost connection, no authentication problem... Instant plug and play).

Where can you find a turntable with a TOSLINK out? Or a tapedeck with TOSLINK in/out?

Comment Re:Practical libertarian party (Score 1) 412

No nanny state laws like banning smoking

Support for legal gun ownership for private self defense

Do you consider shooting someone who smokes indoor a valide self defense case?

Because I never want to endure smoking at work, in a bar, in a restaurant or in a plane. Been there, done that, and it sucks.

Some laws are "nanny state", others are necessary because some morons don't understand that forcing others to breathe toxic fumes is not a good thing.

Comment Re:For those who still want diesel (Score 1) 179

At least you have assigned parking. Here in the city you park your car on the street, trying to find a parking place when getting home after work can be a challenge. You can be parked a block or two, away from your appartment, sometimes on another street.

And that's in summer. In winter it's a nightmare...

Will the city install hundred of thousands of charging stations on the residential streets? Otherwise there's no way we can have electric cars.

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