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Comment Re:Bluetooth Headphones (Score 1) 360

5. You live in a household with more than 1 person. Having to pair/unpair connect/disconnect multiple phones and tablets to our soundbar and car stereo is a nightmare. Often when I power up the soundbar it automatically connects to a device somewhere in the house, and then I have to ask everybody or even search the entire house to find the phone/tablet/ipod that is powered up and try to turn off bluetooth on it. Impossible if this device is locked and the owner is not there...

So now for our car stereo we use a good old headphone cable. Works everytime, instantly.

Comment Re: IP Address (Score 1) 100

I don't see ads anyway...

And that way they couldn't track me or anyone.

It's already stupid to try to track someone by IP. My IP address represents my wifi router. We're a family of six, with something like 15 devices connected to it, not counting visitors.

Comment IP Address (Score 1) 100

Are there any ISP out there who rotate or shuffle IP adresses?

It should be easy to do periodically.

I remember that in the early days of cable modem internet my IP address was changing from time to time.

Now it seems much more stable.

Comment Re:Whatever was wrong with local solar time? (Score 1) 598

Not doing DST means that where I live the sunrise will be at 4AM in the middle of summer. Meaning that the sky will begin to light up at 3AM.

This means that instead of having more light in the evening, when everyone is still awake (sunset at 9PM), we have sunlight too early when nobody can use it.

Maybe those who are complaining about DST live closer to the equator and it's useless for them, but at higher latitudes it's really usefull.

Comment Re:Common and Interesting criticism (Score 1) 290

Given the fact that there are several different versions of the bible in circulation, and the fact that the content of the christian versions have been decided by a bunch of comittees (who chose to include some part and omit others), you can already be suspicious of the content of this book.

Read this:

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