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Comment nope (Score 3, Informative) 111

a) bild am sonntag is not a newspaper for the 1000000th time, its yellow press
b) in the past there have been tests in germany with systems like this, can be fooled easily without much technical effort
c) that guy is a complete tool, he has no cluen what to do. all he suggests is shit others allready failed with (good thing he hasnt heard about rfid yet)
d) there is no way any government agency in germany could impletement and run a system like this (not even with private companies as partner)
United States

Modernizing the Copyright Office 49

An anonymous reader writes: Joshua Simmons has written a new article discussing the growing consensus that it is time to modernize the Copyright Office. It reviews the developments that led to the last major revision of the Copyright Act; discusses Congress's focus since 1976 on narrower copyright bills, rather than a wholesale revision of U.S. copyright law, and the developments that have led to the review hearings; and considers the growing focus on Copyright Office modernization.

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