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Comment Re:5% more shiniez? I *must* have one! (Score 1) 132

I agree, and $500? wow. It is nice to run games at a decent frame rate, unfortunately for Radeon users their driver support seems to be falling behind their hardware by quite a lot. My Nvidia 560ti runs my favorite game Tribes Ascend with full bling, while Radeon users of higher end cards report all sorts of issues.

BTW the new Tribes is FTP..Join me for anyone who remembers tribes 1 and tribes 2, you know why you should give it a shot, for anyone who has never tried a tribes game...well, you are missing out.

Comment Mafia WarsTorncity (Score 1) 84

Initially attracted to Mafia Wars due to it's similarity to a good text rpg I had played for a while before Facebook way around, I have grown disillusioned with all the Wall spam and NON-real interaction that I found the game to be about.

Glad I never stopped playing the original.. If you want to see what a Social game should be more like try Yes I would get a referral bonus, but only if you make it to level 10, Which I doubt many would make it to just in the course of checking it out.

Comment Re:Let's get this right. (Score 1) 518 all of the above.

Unfortunately these days much of the original tribes2 team is said to be working with some of the guys from WOW to make this instead.

I am watching this carefully. I still play tribes2 every other week or so thanks to the tribes Next team. and it is IMHO the best FPS ever made.

Comment Re:TV feeds to the TV companies (Score 1) 386

I remember being in Wyoming at a house that had a dish and messing about with the remote one day, i was trying to find something interesting on.... I ended up watching the feeds from the network news stations updating the story about the rood ripping off a plane landing in Hawaii. Very different than the final product.

Comment Re:Improving battery life would be a better strate (Score 1) 271

I really don't understand all the complaints about battery life. I can count the number of times I've had my phone reach less that 25% power and I use the phone in addition to the web and mapping/gps functions nearly everyday. I do have a "cradle" that I drop it into when I get home, plugged into my computer to download files that also works as a charger. (this is for a day 2 Motorola Droid)

Submission + - Improving the Culture Dish (

TornCityVenz writes: Stanford researches may have made a breakthrough on transferring stem cells by making culture dishes that mimic the human body.
"Cells don't normally exist in contact with a rigid cell culture dish, they sit on soft tissue. By mimicking this environment we can really influence their function and allow them to self-renew in ways we've never been able to achieve before."

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