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Comment Re:Bull twaddle, Seattle is best (Score 1) 251

Who the hell wants to live in Seattle? I don't even like working here... You get out to the suburbs and it's nice, but expensive. You have to go either waaay out (like past North Bend or Yelm or something), settle for a crowded apartment complex / condo / townhome, or live in a rat hole in Kent. I'm at 90 minutes average right now if I carpool. The bus is two hours, and I'm still around 90-105 minutes if I try to do the Sounder and transfer to local transit when I hit the city.

I can't tolerate being in that close of a space with that many people, so I'll stick with driving.

Then leave. We won't miss you.

Comment Re: Bull twaddle, Seattle is best (Score 1) 251

That's because Wallingford used to be a low income U Dist granola spillover that has been artificially restricted from development, driving up land and house prices, due to the proximity to SLU and Green Lake and I-5 and SR-520 and the U Dist.

Rezone it 6+2 story MFH and watch prices drop.

Seriously, don't any of you understand basic economics of scarcity?

(aside - there were car townhouses - 3 story - in Wallingford back around 2005 for only $250k - you should have bought then)

Look, 1000 people a WEEK move to Seattle. Get used to it.

Comment Re:Bull twaddle, Seattle is best (Score 1) 251

Google and Microsoft are steering clear of the city proper in order to attract talent, because people at those skill levels want a life after working hours. And the night life in Seattle isn't that nice either. The two major issues that were raised about life in the city were housing costs and too many homeless people. So enjoy getting grabbed riding your bicycle by one of the hobo camps in the evening.

Um, wrong. It's in city limits. It IS the city proper.

Don't try to tell me about Seattle - the suburbs in other cities have more homeless people per capita, actually.

Comment Bull twaddle, Seattle is best (Score 1) 251

Look, it's only our suburbs where people drive 2-3 hours some days. If you actually LIVE in Seattle near where you work, your bike commute is maybe 15 minutes and you can walk that in 30 minutes. I do it all the time. If it's raining I hop on a bus and it's 30 minutes.

Only suckers drive in Seattle.

And as for Rent, only suckers pay rent in Seattle. You can buy a 2 bedroom no garage townhouse in Fremont (in Seattle) for like $250k. Your mortgage will be half what rent would be. I pay way less for my mortgage than my friends who rent.


Comment Re:No jobs, sit in traffic all day (Score 1) 207

I'd rather stick my balls in a vise than live in most inner cities. I'd rather set myself on fire while sticking my balls in a vise than live in Seattle (or Portland, or San Francisco), how you people can stand the level of mental illness that pervades the cities, I'll never understand.

Whatever, grandpa. It's not the 1970s, you know.

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