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Comment Re:Always use a "clean" phone when travelling abro (Score 1) 314

This is a wise move. Best thing to do is buy a clean rental phone in a safe city/country in the region you're going to, and never use it for anything important. Never use public wi-fi. Never use "secure" wi-fi at any hotel, the Chinese and Russians and Saudis and Israelis will root it. Never leave any electronics out of sight. Ever.

Comment Re:String theory is just that: a theory (Score -1) 150

But we just proved it doesn't exist. The missing mass exists.

But not the dark matter.

Hence, my theory is just as valid, that EM has both mass and is a wave, and we're just confused little podlings who will have to go back and adjust our theories again, as we did over and over and over.

Remember, at first we didn't think light bent due to gravity.

Comment Re:String theory is just that: a theory (Score 0) 150

Right, a theory. But if you can't count it, can't measure it, does it really exist?

Or, alternative concept: is it aether? Could light and other EM waves have mass? We used to think light was a particle. Then we thought it was a wave. Now we "know" it's a particle and a wave. What if all electromagnetic waves are both waves and have mass? If infinitesimal, the vastness of space makes millions of light years of area of space contain a lot of infinitesimal waves.

Just as valid a theory, since we've disproven dark matter mass by experiment.

Submission + - Twitter censors #DNCLeaks trending topic and hashtag (

bongey writes: Twitter censored the 2nd trending topic DNCLeaks hashtag. The trending hashtag #DNCLeaks was climbing over 90k tweets when it disappeared from the trending topics. It was replaced with PraisinTheAsian(17k) and TheWalkingDead(38k).

Submission + - BuzzFeed and Washington Post To Use Robots For RNC Coverage (

An anonymous reader writes: The Washington Post and Buzzfeed have sent robots to cover the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. The Washington Post is using a telepresence robot from Double Robotics that consists of an iPad mounted on a Segway-like base. It's objective: to roam around the convention, streaming live on Periscope. Those viewing the stream will be able to ask questions of delegates, politicians and other figures who stumble upon the robot. BuzzFeed is using a robot called 'BuzzBot.' It's a Facebook chat bot that collects and caters news from the convention to users' messaging feeds. All you have to do is add the channel to your Messenger app and it will deliver news updates from BuzzFeed reporters. Specifically, it will collect reports from delegates, protesters and others in Cleveland. You have the option to send pictures and other info to BuzzBot, but it may ask you questions about your experience. The questions it asks will be different depending on your location. For example, if you live in Cleveland it will want to know what kind of impact the RNC is having on your daily life.

Submission + - Hackers Are Targeting The GOP Convention (

An anonymous reader writes: The Republican National Convention will be a popular target for cyberattacks. An official in charge of securing the network has said the RNC already had to fend off a wave of cyberattacks before the convention opened. Many more attacks are expected throughout the convention ranging from "nation-states hunting for intelligence or protesters trying to disrupt the network at the convention," said the consulting chief information officer for the RNC Max Everett. Donald Trump's campaign appears to only fuel attackers, security experts said. The convention opens Monday afternoon and will attract roughly 50,000 people in addition to a global audience watching from afar. "A successful attack could impact physical security on the ground, for example, by taking connected security scanners offline. It could also affect online activity, for example, by hijacking the livestream and derailing the GOP's message," reports CNBC. The Secret Service has designated the conventions "national special security events." Everett and his team of 70 IT specialists will be using Microsoft and ForeScout software to monitor the network in real time, working with ATT and Cisco on securing external access to the network and a firm called Dark Cubed to share real-time threat information among the firms trying to defend against cyberattacks.

Comment The problem is Stanford Harvard Yale (Score 0) 200

The old boys club of the elites, without realizing it, is uncomfortable with the fact that most Bachelors degrees are going to women nowadays, and from diverse backgrounds at that.

Just look at what the current undergrad population looks like at UCLA, UW, and other schools. It looks like my nieces and nephews, from diverse backgrounds, where women are the majority and graduates are a multitude of racial backgrounds.

It's not hard.

Just HIRE them.

Stop talking about WHY you don't do it and just DO it.

It's 2016 not 1916.

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