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Comment Re:PCs turning into a closed platform... (Score 1) 809

One big, major problem with building your own box is this. Cut and copied from a discussion on Google+ about this article. From Intel on UEFI to The verification steps for images signed as described in section 1.4 are: 1. Authenticate the image’s format and structure. 2. If the image is unsigned: If its signature in in the authorized database (DB) and is not in the forbidden database (DBX), run the image, otherwise deny. 3. If the image is signed, check if its certificate has been authorized (for example, the image’s certificate is found in the KEK or the authorized database (DB), and is not in the forbidden database (DBX)). 1 If the image’s certificate is authorized, then unless the image’s signature is in the forbidden database (DBX), run the image If the image’s certificate has not been authorized, then check its signature. If its signature is in the authorized database (DB) and is not in the forbidden database (DBX), run the image, otherwise deny running the image. So it sounds like you could build a machine with signatures for every piece of firmware in DB, and then you'd be able to remove the microsoft keys from the KEK. But the simpler solution is probably going to be just to leave the MS keys where they are. If you don't run any microsoft code, then the chief danger that poses to you is that someone lifts their private key (unlikely) and even if they do the worst that happens is that you're back to pre-secure-boot security (not such a big deal, given it's doomed to failure anyway).
Red Hat Software

Submission + - Red Hat will pay Microsoft to install Fedora (

ToriaUru writes: "Fedora is going to pay Microsoft to let them distribute a PC operating system. Microsoft is about to move from effectively owning the PC hardware platform to literally owning it. Once Windows 8 is released, hardware manufacturers will be forced to ship machines that refuse to run any software that is not explicitly approved by Microsoft — and that includes competing operating systems like Linux.

Technically Fedora didn't have to go down this path. But, as this article explains, they are between a rock and a hard place: if they didn't pay Microsoft to let them onto the PC platform, they would have to explain to their potential users how to mess with firmware settings just to install the OS.

How long before circumventing the secure boot mechanism is considered a DMCA violation and a felony?"

Comment Gatineau, Quebec (Score 1) 560

Felt it quite strongly as I was near the epicenter ~20 km away roughly. Felt like a really big bus was coming at first and then the noise and the shaking got way worse. Very cool to feel the earth literally moving under your feet. My daughters school was evacuated when we got there to pick her up.

Submission + - Canadian company aims to un-censor for some (

Deborah Johnson writes: "I read the BoingBoing piece on new web censor evasion software here and have become interested in the idea of the company Psiphon. How fascinating that they aim to break down the wall of Chinese firewall with a march of a million ants. They are mentioned at Can-West Global news here Another story at the NY Times here

Their blurb reads as thus "At Psiphon, we believe in a world without borders, where knowledge is power, where people have the right to choose, and ethics, not censorship guides our exercise of freedoms.

That's why at Psiphon we set out to spearhead the digital revolution through a commitment to a safe, secure, and open Internet experience, and by building the world's best freedom-of-choice services and solutions."

More power to them. Viva F/Loss and a free Net for all"


Submission + - DRM should be exposed on game boxes

ToriaUru writes: BoingBoing reports on DRM disclosure on game boxes. Quote from the BoingBoing article "Ars Technica has a report from the FTC's hearings on DRM, where Hal Halpin from the Entertainment Consumers Association proposed that game manufacturers should be required to disclose what kind of DRM they're using prior to purchase"

Submission + - Canadian DMCA bill withdrawn from House of Commons (

ToriaUru writes: "The Canadian Minister of Industry, Mr. Jim Prentice has withdrawn the proposed Canadian Digital Millennium Copyright Act legislation that was due to be tabled in the Canadian House of Commons tomorrow. This is due to the overwhelming response by Canadians from every walk of life towards their Members of Parliament, the Industry Minister's office, and his counterpart at the Ministry of Canadian Heritage, Status of Women and Official Languages, Ms. Josee Verger. The story is taking hold in the main stream press of Canada, with stories here and here on CBC The power of the people talking."

Submission + - Canadian DMCA Placed on the Notice Paper (

ToriaUru writes: "The proposed changes to the Copyright Act of Canada aka the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Canadian Style is going to be presented to the House of Commons in Ottawa next week. In order for the legislation to be tabled the office of the Minister must have it put on the Notice Paper on the Friday preceding that. Dr. Michael Geist has just blogged that the Notice paper contains this proposal for this law. Please, come join the Fight for "Fair Copyright for Canada" at ' PLEASE, the U.S. model of the DMCA does not work. Why on earth would Canada need a similar law? That is what we will get if we don't stop this government from doing this."

Submission + - Canadian DMCA protest ( 1

ThePurpleBuffalo writes: Cory Doctorow has announced that Jim Prentice will be in Calgary, Alberta, Canada tomorrow (Saturday, 2007-12-10) and that this might be the best chance to fight the Canadian DMCA. From the article: "If you're a Canadian and you want to talk to Industry Minister Jim Prentice about his proposal for a Canadian DMCA, a copyright law that's even worse than the ten-year-old American legislation that resulted in lawsuits against 20,000+ Americans without stopping infringement or paying artists, now's your chance!"

Submission + - Facebook opened to advertisers

ToriaUru writes: "I'm sure you'll have read this 2,002 times already, but yeah, Facebook is now "cashing in". Ah, the joys of being hooked by it, not.,130061791,339283575,00.htm

Cash, cash, cash cow... here we come. Um, no, not me."

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